Saturday, 15 May 2010

Noro boneyard

i finished the shawl this last week too, hooray, it really is very lovely, 
i'd heard very mixed reviews about knitting with this yarn but i have to say i rather liked using it, it was a little slubby in places but it only broke the once (& i blame myself for that one, not the yarn) & i love love loved watching the colours unfold, 
the pattern was a very easy one, i did tire of the rows as they started getting very long, but once the end was in sight, i was encouraged enough to get it finished, i also have about 60g left over from my 2nd skein , which may become a hat i think!
i even wore it last week to do the school run, as it really had been very chilly here, 
i've been baking tons of cookies today, for the pre-school stall at our village fete tomorrow, so please all keep you fingers crossed the rain stays away this year, we can't have another revels like the one last year!

(having just read through that post i can safely say i topped last years cookie baking record!- but then i haven't had to make any costumes this year)


  1. Beautiful! Noro is such joy to knit with the color changes :)

  2. That shawl is beautiful, I like all the different shades in it. I dont knit much as its too slow for me, but admire anyone who can slog away at something like this.
    Good luck with the fete tomorrow.
    Jenny x

  3. Very pretty- that yarn is stunning.

  4. It really is beautiful. The colours of the yarn are perfect. Hmmm, perhaps I could manage to knit it, I wish! Anyway, it did make me create a ravelry account to have a look. Somewhere else on line for me to spend more time that I don't really have...

  5. That is gorgeous. Looks just right for all the chilly weather we've had recently.

  6. wow - that is lovely! I knit a shawl in Noro last year and it has been stuck in a cupboard since, I hated it! nowhere near as lovely as yours, and as it cost me a fortune to knit, it will probably be pulled back and made into something else...