Sunday, 17 May 2009

Wash out

At 9:30 this morning i was helping to put up a marquee in the pouring rain, thinking i must be mad! (having already sewn a length of bunting at about 7am!) the sun appeared for a few hours & the rain stayed away just long enough for the procession to make it through the village & onto the green,
Our pre-school were all dressed up as 'Alice in wonderland' characters, & we (a few of the parents) had spent weeks preparing for the float, i had sewn an outfit for G, he had chosen to be one of the queen of hearts guards (with a little persuasion from me)
along with aprons & table cloths i had made & about 65 cookies i baked! so much work had gone into today, not just our pre-school, but everyone involved, and after about half an hour, the heavens opened & the rest of the afternoon was a washout, such a shame!, so we consoled ourselves by coming come with cakes, to have with nice warming cups of tea, (& a big sigh of relief from me that the day was over)

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  1. Dont you just love the English Weather!!! Here, it couldn't make it's mind up, one minute wet, then sunny, then wet again!!
    I bet it was lovely seeing all the children in their costumes, and I bet everyone enjoyed the cakes , and cookies : )
    Have a good week, lets hope we get some sun, after all it is May!!!!

    Sharon xx