Friday, 27 November 2009

plodding on

i had hoped to be sharing some pictures of my recent sewing projects, i just needed to take some photos, we did get a glimpse of the sun this morning, but then about 10 minutes before the little one went down for her nap, the rain set in, i really hope it's not here to stay today.

so i'll just have to share some other things i've been up to,
socks i've started for little O, using the left over tofutsies yarn from these socks i made for myself, in fact i'm even doing the same pattern, but with a rib all the way up after knitting the heel - so hopefully they'll stay on her feet!

some wool i ordered from here (great sale prices - i'm tempted to go back for some more)
this is for a little crochet project i'm planning, & will probably be what i will be picking up when i get the chance over's Debbie Bliss - pure cotton

& i've found time to start the advent calendar for the little folks, although think i'm just as excited about this as G is.

Monday, 23 November 2009


over what has to have been one of the wettest weekends in ages, i have been working on some more children's hanging decorations for the Christmas fair, first up we have some trees
then some little lady bugssome flowers
which have been attracting the attention of these beesand some butterfliesi plan to start work on some more 'boy' themed ones this week! (whilst watching the rain falling outside the window no doubt - where oh where have the lovely crisp days of Autumn gone?)

also just to mention, if you hop over to check out retromummy's blog, you might just be in with a chance of winning some gorgeous fabric!

Friday, 20 November 2009


i had (another) go at stamp making & came up with this little house,
it's not perfect & i still need more practice, but i'm quite happy with this one,

oh & my little jumper bunny is featured on the cuteable website today! i think that's just about made my week!

jumper bunny

Thursday, 19 November 2009

another quilt

finally got round to taking a photo of the finished boy's quilt (made for the Christmas fair & looking rather crumpled)
i'm really pleased with this one too,i also made up this cute little 'jumper bunny' from a felted wool jumper,
he was made up as i went along, but he's turned out rather cute (great little stocking filler!) so think i might have to make another one.also on the go i've got some Christmas bunting, another jumper for little O & some more kids hanging decorations all keeping me very busy!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

christmas hat

i like to knit my sister something for Christmas, (whether she wants/needs it or not) this year i went for a hat,
knitted up nice & quick, this one feels like it will be a warm hat!
trouble is - i want one now (sisters heh)

Friday, 13 November 2009

getting excited now!

i went to buy my train ticket to London today for tomorrow's country living Christmas fair, & despite the weather forecast i'm getting very excited about going.

i'm also really looking forward to the train journey, as this will be my first trip on a train, on my own in years! so of course i felt i needed to make sure i had an interesting knitting project on the go. so ignoring the rain (& the fact both my little ones are under the weather ) i dragged us all out to buy some wool for this project.

i couldn't resist starting today, whilst we all snuggled up on the sofa to watch a film. this hat, which will be a Christmas present for one of my family (shhhh it's meant to be a surprise), which i'm knitting up in lovely Debbie Bliss rialto aran (so soft & such a great colour)

hope to get this finished tomorrow, whilst also making the most of a child-free day, back soon to let you know how it all went.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

how the time flies!

feels like i've been away from here for too long for one reason or another. i took another trip over the weekend with the little ones, over to my folks & we celebrated Guy Fawkes with our own little bonfire & some fireworks, which i think i enjoyed more than they did ( i certainly enjoyed the toasted marshmallows more) although it really was chilly but quite fun to get wrapped up in out winter woolies.the break was lovely & i started the binding on the boys quilt,
i also found time to get on with little O's 'little red', i kind of made up this pattern as i went along, heavily borrowing ideas from a few other patterns, sizing it was all guess work, but work it did & i'm very pleased with the end result, another cardi for little O which cost less than £4 (two 100g balls out of an odd ball bin at a local yarn store)
the ladybird buttons weren't my first choice but i guess that's what happens when i take the kids with me to the shop to choose buttons!

i've also made up some knitted heart decorations to sell at the Christmas fair, these are just lovely & i won't mind one bit if they don't sell as i'll be more than happy to hang them on my Christmas tree this year.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

back to work

after our lovely trip up to Sheffield to visit friends, i've found it a little hard to settle back into a routine, big G is back at school & i have no idea where we are with little O's day time naps, so my sewing time has been sporadic to say the least!
this photo was taken whilst we were away, on a walk we did up in the peaks,i've have been busy making things for the Christmas fair, but no photos yet, one thing i did manage to do was get back to the charity shop which had the wonderful tin full of buttons & found some time for a good rummage through & came home with a quite a few of the loveliest buttons i could find. ( all for only £1)i also received a lovely package of the fabric kind from here
i do have some plans for this but keep changing my mind - but for now it makes me happy just to look at it.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

and the winner is.....

we're back & after lots of sorting/unpacking/washing loads etc i found some time to pick the winner of the give-away, big G took his job of selecting the give-away winner very seriously, he managed to defend an incoming attack from his little sister - who also wanted in on the action & did a runner with the bowl of names!luckily he'd already picked out the name - which iscongratulations go to surfer rosa, if you pass on your address i'll pop your winnings in the post to you asap!

back soon x