Saturday, 24 April 2010


what can i say, the sun must have gone to my head! i gave in, i have been admiring the noro yarns from afar for a long time, loving their beautiful rich colours, but having no idea what i would ever make with them (other than socks - for which i really don't need any more of for the time being!) that is until i found a shawl pattern on ravelry, i just couldn't get this one out my head, so set on a quest to pick up some noro kureyon sock yarn to knit it up in
it was a hard choice to pick the colourway, but i settled on shade #188, & i'm in love, 
all my other knitting (& sewing projects) are lying neglected, as i can't work on anything else right now, it has been the perfect project this week, as i've had to keep the house pretty much ready for viewers constantly (well that is how it's felt), thank goodness the weather has been so great, so that the small people can eat their tea out in the garden, thus keeping the floor clean!

& i'm trying so hard not too get excited* about someone coming back for a 2nd viewing!, then the reality sets in - 'but then we are going to have to find somewhere to move to!' & things start to get a little scary (but quite exciting too)

*i'm going to have to try a little harder i think - but do keep your fingers crossed!


  1. I LOVE colorway 188! It's one of my Noro faves. Can't wait to see the FO! Looks great so far.

  2. Yes, the Noro yarns are soooo beautiful and such fun to knit with all the color shadings! Your shawl is amazing! I just finished a sweater in Noro Furin - it is in my blog if you want to see :)

    Have a happy weekend

  3. that Shawl is looking lovely- can't wait to see the finished item! Fingers crossed on the house front!

  4. The shawl is looking gorgeous, I love the colour.
    Good luck with the house selling.

  5. How are you finding the Noro? I recently made a 'Just Enough Ruffles' from Silk Garden Lite, and I'm almost halfway through a 'Gaia' shawl with Kureyon sock yarn. I kind of hate the stuff to be honest but find it irresistable at the same time!