Thursday, 30 July 2009


i'm trying very hard to be organized, as it's big G's fourth birthday tomorrow (4 years - how did that happen so fast) this will be the first year he's had a proper party (which hasn't just involved family members) now not only does this involve feeding the delightful little dears (biscuit dough is chilling in the fridge as i write & nana's help has been enlisted to make the cake) but it also involves party bags!

now being that big G (who is in fact not really that big!) is the youngest in his pre-school year, he has been to quite a few parties already, i've never really been all that impressed with the party bags they get given, mostly filled with plastic bits that get lost or broken (bar one friend who gave all the kids a book at the end of the party - great idea which i'm saving for another year)

well, me being me wanted to make something to go into ours, so these little nuggets seemed perfect!all finished & ready to go to their new homes, they will also contain the usual penny type sweets, but the girls are getting some hairbands & the boys a small toy car each! none of which cost too much & will hopefully all get used.aren't they cuteon another note, i did manage to finish the pond play mat in time for camping, i gave up trying to hand tie it & just used the machine, didn't bind it & backed it with an old duvet cover, but it is perfect (in my eyes) & very fit for purpose
& of course no sooner than i spread it out to take a photo, a little one finds her way over

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

time flies

it really does when you're having fun! we've spent the weekend at 'camp bestival' at lulworth castle in dorset, & what great fun it was, being the first time we've taken the little people camping (& camping at a festival of all places) can't wait to go back next year.
two of my favourite parts of the festival - don't think they need much explanation.

lot's of knitting going on, just not enough time to take photos, i also had my birthday & was given lot's of lovely presents, (mostly wool & fabric related so will be back to show you more soon.)

this week however i'll be preparing for big G's birthday party, so busy busy busy!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

little nuggets

i must be mad, it will be big G's birthday at the end of the month & for some reason i had a compelling urge to make presents to go into his party bags!

i'd found this pattern for bunny nuggets a while ago from this lady & thought it would be just perfect for this very purpose, so que crazy knitting lady again,
now you might be thinking that 'oh there's plenty of time to get those done' well yes there would be, if we didn't have a camping trip planned in between, for which i'm knitting away to finish a cardigan for myself to take & also trying to find the will to finish the pond play mat, to also take along on camp! & fitting in a lot of 'play dates' to keep the small people busy, i think i've got my work cut out ! (not to mention half made bunnies lying all over the place)

sleeping gnome

finished this a couple of days ago, such a quick knit , this has been knitted up as a Christmas present (aren't i just the organised one!) for a littler one than my little O, but it still just about fitted her to get a photo, (she happily slept through the whole thing)Pattern can be found on ravelry here

Monday, 13 July 2009

lucky little me

well i only went & won another 'giveaway', think i might have to not enter any for a while,
i won this lovely wool from tomato tea, once i'd opened it i knew it would be perfect to knit up another little gnomey hat with, (the first of many handmade gifts to give this Christmas), so of course ignoring all the other little jobs i needed to do, i cast on!
i so keen i even got my knitting out whilst at a mother & toddler group this morning, (whilst little O was having a short nap) & was happily surprised at the many positive comments i got about it, it even sparked a few question off about patchwork, as i use little patchwork bags to carry my knitting about in. it's great to finds others who share my love of all things crafty.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

good mail day

Oh i was so very pleased when the postman knocked on the door this morning, carrying a parcel - i just knew this was going to be a good mail day when i saw this
some lovely fabrics that i just had to order, they were such a bargain!some Erin McMorris 'poppy dot in orange' & Amy Butler 'seeds'
& two different prints from Amy Butlers 'daisy chain' Clematis & Dandelion field, these were on (a close down) sale in this etsy shop & even with postage & the exchange rate cost a little over £5 per yard.

Also in the post today was the oh so sweet hair band from Amy at Coco crafts, & i found an even sweeter little model for italthough she did wonder what i was up tothink her hair might need to grow a little before its a good look on her.

& some great news - i won a little giveaway on Carina's craftblog, one of her Happyscape Tropical Island embroidery patterns, which i look forward to finding time to make!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

weekend craft

what a lovely weekend i've had, i started (& now finished) some lavender hearts for big G to give to his pre-school teachers when he leaves next week,i'm really pleased with how these turned out - just hope they like them too,today we took a trip over to Winchester, this was my suggestion as i really wanted to go to the Handm@de craft fair at the guild hall, it was great, lot's of lovely stalls, i really wanted to buy more to support all the lovely people trying to make a living out of selling the things they create, but had to limit my purchases to the following,

this cute keyring from 23 beechhill, i really struggled with which one to choose as they were all so lovely,then this gorgeous alpaca yarn had to come home with me too, from nimu yarns
& also a sweet little head band from coco crafts, no photo yet though, as by the time i had gone back to the stall to buy it, she had sold the one i had wanted, so she offered to make & send me another one,

oops also forgot i got a lovely card from paperleaf too!

there was also a lot of other things going on in Winchester as it was the final day of their 'hat fair' - a festival of street entertainment, so luckily there was lots to keep the little ones & hubbs happy too.

Thursday, 2 July 2009


am i the only crazy person in the UK knitting in this heat? i must be mad.finished up another little sophisticate, This was the smaller size, knitted up again in Debbie Bliss pure cotton, and took just under two balls, a great new baby gift, for one the baby's due later this year, i might knit another one up in girly colour, just to be on the safe side (& mostly just because i like knitting this pattern so much)