Monday, 24 August 2009

fantastic mr fox

i was very lucky to be given this super cute clothkits bag kit from a lovely friend for my birthday, (they have lots of other great kits to check out too).
it made for a very quick evening sewing project!at first i had thought it would make a good little tote to take along to the library with the small people in tow, but i think for now it will make a very good home for (another) knitting project!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

birthday bandit

finally finished & i love it,didn't have much luck with using the 4 year old as my model, although he did rather like the shawl, as i caught him with it on at bedtime!pattern found here on ravelry, knitted up in colinette banyan, shade 'velvet leaf'

Sunday, 16 August 2009

catch up

what a busy week, my little O turned One! & we spent the week with family, & what a week. we managed to pack in so much, swimming, farm trip (including getting lost in a maize maze), rock pooling, castle visit, birthday teas & so much more i can't remember it all right now.i hoping for a quite one this week, & maybe finding some time to complete some knitting projects & a quilt top i'm making, which will be a Christmas present (don't be fooled by this apparent organisation - i guarantee i won't be able to keep it up for long!)

i also wanted to share a couple (from the many) beautiful gifts my little ones were given this year. they were lucky enough to both be given some great artwork for their bedrooms. first up big G was given this great 'stinky whizzers' alphabet print (the hiding hedgehogs are my favourite), check out Phil's website for some better shots & some of his other great art work.
& little O was given this very sweet print, from this etsy seller

Saturday, 8 August 2009

birthday bag

quick little projects like this make me happy,i have made many similar bags to this one, as birthday gifts (normally filled with a knitted or crocheted soft toy)i have always made the pattern up as i go along, changing things slightly every time.
this one was made using up some of my Amy Butler scraps & will be for little O's first birthday next week.
but for today the sun is shining - so we're off to the beach

Thursday, 6 August 2009

crafty treats

i have just finished off a neck snug pattern (found here on ravelry) this was my trial run, as i'm thinking about knitting some of these up as Christmas presents & i'm trying to be ever so organised this year.i'm really pleased with it & can't wait to chose some wool to knit the next one up in. i used one skein of Colinette 'one zero' in dusk to make this one (with a small amount left over). Knitted up on 6mm needles. (i will add my pattern changes to the ravelry notes asap)
this is my work space today - i doubt i'll find time to make little O her birthday crown in time for next week, but i will make her a little birthday bag, as she's at that age where she loves nothing more than to put things in & then take them out, then do it again & again.

i also (accidentally you understand) ordered some more fabric, only a few FQ's, most of which were on special over at 'gone to earth', but just look how lovely they are,

Sunday, 2 August 2009


well, we survived the party & the sun shone all afternoon,big G spent the day wearing his birthday crown,which i had very quickly put together the day before, using the instructions from 'the creative family' by amanda blake soule, i used some felt i had made a while ago, but this really was too thick for this project, so when i make the next one (& there will be a next one, no doubt the night before little O's first birthday) i will have to either make some thinner felt or find something else to use.

all in all it has been an exhausting few days, i have found some time to start cutting for my next patchwork project (pic's to follow soon) although i did manage to cut my finger with my new rotary cutter, i have been slowly getting on with knitting some of my birthday wool& started this pattern, using Banyan yarn in velvet leaf from colinette