Thursday, 27 May 2010

when all else fails - sew!

oh my days, i have been feeling ever so unsettled this week, in a nutshell, the house we were buying is now no longer going through, on one hand we were the ones to come to this decision, & i know it was the right decision, however it leaves us in a very tricky situation, as we've exchanged on our house & have agreed a date for completion, so we are left looking for a rental place, which is proving harder than first thought at such short notice, so in an attempt to forget our woes (& stop myself from constantly checking right move) i turned to sewing, & it worked out a treat! 
little O now has the loveliest of lovely summer tops! i used this tutorial & it couldn't have worked out better, i loosely followed the size two, but made it slightly wider, as her chest size came up a little bigger, the only thing i would do differently is make the sleeves a little longer, she'd gone down for a nap by the time i got to the sleeves, so they weren't actually measured,  
i also left it as long as my half yard of fabric would allow, as i love this print so much, then added a little jumbo ricrac to trim the bottom, i did double fold the elastic casings for the neck & sleeves, as this fabric seemed very likely to fray, despite her grumpy face in the above picture, she loves her new top! (she just didn't want her photo taken!)
the fabric is from the far, far away range by Heather Ross, i'd love to give this a go in some of anna maria horner's new voile fabrics, maybe making it longer, so it could be a sweet little dress
however now it's finished, my fingers (& mind) still need to be kept busy, so it's back to the knitting for now


  1. I know it must be hard, but try and look on the brightside,
    you will be an attractive buyer next time around as you'll have no chain.

    That top is just lovely, good job!


  2. Hope you get something sorted soon!

    That top is really lovely! XxX

  3. Lovely top - I think I'll have a go at one. I spent today working on dress patterns for my two girls - nothing like creating to take your mind of nasty problems - hope something works out for you soon. x

  4. Just found your lovely blog. The top is beautiful. Is the fabric based on the Princess and the Pea?

    I hope the house situation is sorted out soon for you.

  5. I do hope you find somewhere soon, although finding a rental might be hard it will give you the chance to find what you really want, and you'll be in a great position with no chain so be able to bargain really well. so much better than rushing to buy in desperation.
    love the top - sewing is great therapy, I usually resort to cake, which has a lot more calories....

  6. I am sure something will become available and will be perfect... loving the top...

    x Alex

  7. Yes, be positive. You will be in the best position to buy now.xx

  8. Oooh how nerve-wracking! Hope you find somewhere super-quick!

    Little O's top is so sweet


  9. What a cute little top it's great ! All the very best on the house front .

  10. That is a very sweet top. Hope the house stuff works out well in the end...

  11. Making something creative, I always find, is the best antidote to worry and stress. I have just found your blog and your work is just lovely.