Saturday, 31 March 2012

farewell flower

farewell flower
a very quick gift {made whilst sitting in the garden watching the sunset on wednesday} for one of G's teachers, she's getting moved to teach in another class after the easter break, he'll miss her, but as she's moved higher up the school i'm hoping this might mean she'll teach him again in the future, pattern from issue 12 of  'mollie makes' {shame i hadn't realised there was a mistake in the pattern when making it, but carried on regardless & made it work}

beach trip

we were lucky enough to start the easter holidays early round here due to a school inset day, so after a lovely lazy pyjama morning we wanted to make the most of what will probably be the last sunny warm day for a while, we packed up and headed out for a late afternoon trip to the beach, it was really lovely, the boy was the brave one & headed into the water {which meant the dog followed suit!} the littlest happily danced in the sand & had a little paddle, the hubs ran around after the dog {who was enjoying chasing the kites which were flying around!} & i mostly sat still, watching & crocheting, then we treated ourselves to a fish & chip supper on the way home - just lovely!
sandy toes
west wittering
crochet on the beach!
west wittering

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

making plans

visit here if you fancy joining in too!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

getting over it

sticker book
the easter bonnet
sunday hike
happy barney
this lovely weather couldn't have come at a better time for me, i'm feeling back to my old self & the littlest one {who also had the same bug the week after me} is also on the way back up - thank goodness, still there is something to be said for slowing right down, ignoring as much of the other stuff as possible & just spending time caring for your babies 
there has been some feet up knitting time, a new sticker book & den building,  the easter bonnet is ready for this afternoons parade & the dog has been on some lovely long walks, bring on the easter break - especially if the sun keeps on shining, 

Sunday, 11 March 2012

the blue singer

the blue singer
both my kids often come home with lots artwork, a lot get's quietly moved into the recycling, we have a kind of rota on the kitchen walls & cupboards, where bits get swapped every now & then before getting filed away to be kept forever hidden in a drawer, then once in a while one piece comes home that needs a more permanent home, like this picture of a singer sewing machine G brought home last term, i fell in LOVE with this picture & am so pleased it's finally framed & up on the wall {he's ever so proud too!}
& thank you for the sweet get well messages - i'm finally feeling more like myself & have spent lot's of time out in the sunshine today, dreaming & planning about what i want to get growing in the garden this year

Thursday, 8 March 2012

wiped out

i have had a rather quite & home based start to March, having given in to the rather nasty virus that has been doing the rounds this way, i've been totally wiped out {i know i must be ill when i can't even be tempted by my knitting needles} i'm still not there yet but am now headed in the right direction at least, i had finished off a very small project just before i got poorly, some new knitwear for mummy baby, a very sweet & easy little cardi, finished off perfectly with a lilac vintage button,
little kina
little kina
little kina
pattern details found over here