Monday, 24 May 2010

up in the air

i got very little of anything (other than having fun & relaxing) done this weekend, but what a lovely way to spend it, the weather has been so delightful, my needles, hook & sewing machine were pretty much abandoned, 

i did make time to bake some cinnamon buns, using  this recipe, (thanks Nancy), we packed them up, & with a thermos of tea, we headed off to the village green after dinner, to watch the weekend balloon flights take off, 
this is something we used to do a lot with big G  before little O was born, we have since just got used to seeing them rise over the trees behind our garden, 
we picked a great evening to introduce her to the awe inspiring sight, as there were three going up, she really was amazed by them, 
i love watching them too, they head off most weekends throughout the summer,
& i'll definitely be making more of the cinnamon buns to take again, they disappeared almost as quickly as the balloons did!


  1. Fantastic, especially the rainbow one! We get a lot of them round here too, but they are so magical, the novelty of seeing them drift over the house never tires!

  2. We often get one or two floating by and we always go out and wave like mad things... fantastic to be able to go and watch them inflate though... what a superb village green!

    x Alex

  3. What could be better than rainbow balloons and cinnamon buns?

  4. I love hot air ballons - they always remind me of Mr Benn.

    Nina xx