Friday, 30 January 2009

More knitting

As well as knitting little O new things all of her own, i have also been recycling some of her brothers jumpers, this one was knitted by my ma, its from the Rowan babies pattern book. It has just had a bit of an update with some new colourful buttons.

I had hoped to have finished this for her last night but it took a little longer to finish the sewing up and so it had got dark by the time i could take a photo. This is a Debbie Bliss pattern & it has knitted up big, which is a real change for me as everything i knit normally comes up a little small - still at least she'll grow into it, i had knitted it for the spring but hopefully now we'll have an Indian summer this year!

I did find time for baking (there's always time for baking in this house) and oops i accidentally ate 3 of them today! they are so yummy.

Date slices from here

Monday, 26 January 2009

A little sewing

I found some time on Sunday to get on with a little sewing and made these two little patchwork bags, tutorial found here . This one is already being useful as a bag for my sock knitting.

I love them and am already planning on making some more, but think i'll make them bigger next time. Big G has got a few friends birthdays coming up so might make them as presents and think of something to pop in them.

Sock one is coming on nicely -

Saturday, 24 January 2009


Sock knitting is coming on well, i'm surprised at how much i am enjoying knitting these (especially as i'm now over the tricky heel part) i am also loving how the colours are turning out, they remind me of sugared almonds or refresher sweets - not sure if you can even get those anymore?.
yesterday i allowed myself to be seduced into ordering some more fabric from here (i do sort of have a plan for these, so in my head that made it okay you understand), i was amazed they arrived so quickly and am very pleased with them.

So when we popped up to Guildford today, so mr K could take big G on his first trip to the cinema, whilst i had a wander around the shops with little O, i didn't intend to go & buy any more fabric, however once i noticed that the fabric room had a sale on, i just had to pop in for a look -

So when i found these fabrics 'pillow fight' & 'kids toile' on sale at £3 per m i just had to have some, i also managed to find a couple more fq, to add to the various projects i was now forming in my head

the 'word search' piece was only £1.50 and i couldn't resist the 'apple dot' fabric in these colours), i'm thinking that the socks might go on hold for a day or two, so i can get on with some sewing!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Have had a lovely few quite days at home, trying to get on with a little knitting, even though little O has been doing her best to prevent it from progressing too far! (i think she must have been a cat in a past life)

and despite both small people going down with colds i have found some time to do more baking- bakewell slices - yum.

I did however manage to complete one of the projects on my needles (thanks mostly to the small boy consistently asking me when it would be finished. Meet Sun -

Sun is a snake, Sun is mug's friend (mug is a boy ladybird). Mug and Sun are big G's friends, they spend most of the day asleep in G's socks (along with the fox up his jumper and the rabbit in his hair - but let's not start on them now) Mug and Sun have the odd adventure together. Of course I've never actually seen Mug & Sun, but i play along as i don't have a problem with friends of the imaginary kind. However I'm not sure i should be indulging them to the extent of making knitted versions? but when he asks his mum to knit him a Sun the snake and he shows enthusiasm for picking the wool and telling me in detail how the stripes should be - how could i not get swept along with the whole thing? and he is now one happy little boy. (i just need to find a pattern for a ladybird now - any ideas?)

Sunday, 18 January 2009

New Knitting

Having been inspired by Rachel's sock making, i went and ordered some lovely wool to make a pair for myself from Colinette, it arrived so quickly, i hadn't even had the chance to buy the needles i needed! but it really is so lovely. i can't wait to make a start but i have a few projects i need to finish first. I have put the cardigan i'm knitting for little O on hold for now, as i'm making it in a bigger size and it has knitted up big and as she won't be wearing it for a while, i can get on with a few others things i want to do.

This is another new project - (well one of the patterns from this book) by Tracy Chapman. i started today and hopefully it won't take long, (i have been knitting whilst little O naps on my lap, this afternoon, so it's been rather tricky to avoid poking her in the head with the needles) i will show once it's finished, It's for big G, as he has now got to the age where he's not too keen on wearing handknits, so i have to make him toys instead, which really is easier and a little more fun anyway.

I made this princess doll last year from the 'toys to crochet' book by Claire Garland and have keep it for little O, I made the pattern up for the toadstool as i went along. I enjoy making things like this as they don't take too long and they make great gifts - (just hope my friends children aren't fed up with the handmade gifts).

I have also been sorting out what to send my swap partner in the FQ swap Katy organised, it's all ready to be wrapped - but i will take some photos before so i can post them once it has received it. I did make a small something to send too. I'm really looking forward to receiving some new fabric, as i need some inspiration to get back on the sewing machine, (the main reason i have been doing so much knitting lately is that i've got completely hooked on watching the first season of 'the wire' and so once the kids are in bed, i have been snuggling up with my knitting in front of the telly every evening)

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Tea & Books

Having gone to the library this afternoon with the intention of getting some new books for big G, i was very happily surprised to find so many books for myself too, as our library's craft section is normally very lacking, so came home with this lot and I've already found many things to add to my 'to do' list
Ever since reading this post a few days ago i have had a hankering for a cream tea, so on the way home i had to pop to the supermarket to collect a few essentials,

Now i know the scones weren't homemade and the cream was not of the clotted variety and the tea was not from a pot, i did however get the good jam, and it did taste good.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Today has just been one of those days, now the children are in bed and the dinner has been cooked & eaten, i feel i can relax (in amongst the mess - but that can be tidied another day). The picture is of some of the flowers i have been crocheting, i love making making little things like this, they are quick, easy and pleasing to me (or as mr K would say - 'precious things' - in a mocking tone) The thing is they have been such a pain to photograph, either too dark or bright, or the battery goes!, I'm not great with a digital camera, in fact i was very against ever getting one, having done a photography gcse many years ago, i loved my old battered Pentax SLR, and unfortunately there is no way i can afford to get a digital SLR at the moment, so will have to make do. (for now)

Sunday, 11 January 2009

New Hat

I knitted this hat before little O was born (it may have even been before i knew i was pregnant!) so it was very lucky that i had a little girl this time round. it was one of the many things which had been hidden away for later, i came across it this morning whilst in the middle of a big tidy up, and just had to try it on her! The ear flaps are a little long but i don't think she'll mind. so i wrapped her and big G up -
and sent them out with mr K to get the papers - giving me 15 minutes of peace. Little O's gums are causing a few problems at the mo - no teeth yet but i think they're on the way, so she's spent her day time naps in her sling, and her night waking us up a lot to have a good grumble about it all!
Not a lot else done today - or the weekend for that matter, other than cleaning, sorting and trying to find a home for all Christmas gifts we were given - although i did find the time to crochet some cute little flowers in some lovely yarn - will take a picture tomorrow if i get a chance.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Ta Da

Finished Mocha cake - yum yum,

Also found some time to cut up all the Christmas cards into tags for next Christmas!

And managed to squeeze little O into one of her hand knit cardigans, this one is still long on the arms, ( not that you can tell but they are turned back) it's a struggle to do up around her round little tum!

It's going to have her last her a little longer as the next one is very far from finished.

Thursday, 8 January 2009


Not much crafting going on round these parts, but quite a bit of baking,

Some chocolate biscuits made with big G, and also a mocha cake today - will post a picture once the frosting's been made tomorrow, both recipes from the Rachel Allen 'bake' book i was given for Christmas.

But lots of time for playing, its amazing how much time these two take up.

Still, hoping to get some knitting in whilst watching the new series of ER tonight.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

One down

Three to go -

Then hopefully i can find some time to get on hand quilting this

Can't even think about what to bind it with yet!

Monday, 5 January 2009


- well a little, and not for long, but fingers crossed for more.

A very rushed morning trying to finish a birthday present for my Ma, only just finished, so no chance to take any photos! A more relaxed afternoon spent at the local garden centre ( which has the best little cafe) and a chance for big G to play pirates with Nana and for little O to have her first go on a swing.

So now i just have to get the cushions for pre-school out the way and then i can catch up on some knitting and quilting.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

All things new

Little O has recently learnt that her hands my be of use to her, and is learning to manipulate them to grasp at things, so she is having lots of fun exploring her toys,

Whilst big G is having a great time playing with his pirate ship, which he was given for Christmas,

In between the many tasks which take up my day, i have been trying to think of what to make with the wool i have been given for Christmas,

This one was a present from my folks which they brought back from Italy - I'm thinking this one might become a hat, although i have few other projects which need finishing first, I'm half way through a cardie for little O, and also trying to finish a little embroidery which is for my ma's birthday, and then i have to make some new cushion covers for big G's pre-school!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year

Can't believe 2009 is upon us....
Had a lovely New Years Eve, spent with new friends, Having lived in our village for 3 years this coming March i am now just starting to feel more comfortable with it, I 'm looking forward to Big G starting School this year and it will be a year of many firsts for little O, (& here's hoping for a few showers of snow too, over the next month) ... I'm also looking forward to sharing my thoughts and various knitting and craft projects with the big wide world!