Tuesday, 25 May 2010

opps new yarn, how did that happen?

being a member of the 'kemp's wool shop fans' group on ravelry is fatal! as it means i am alerted to any new clearance yarns they are getting in, so at the end of last week when they let us all in on the fact they were getting some lovely sublime yarns in stock, i really couldn't resist, an order turned up on Saturday & it was so very lovely that i went back for more! (did i mention they've got free postage on it too at the mo - how could i not!)
so after a fun morning with 24 two - four years, i sat myself down in the garden (nana was entertaining little O) & i cast on for another little cardigan, i'm using the soya cotton in shade 080, & it's lovely lovely to knit with, i have more yarn, waiting in the wings, with project ideas lined up (but i've ever so tempted to buy more!)
i also took in the view of my lovely garden at the moment (& the divine smell of the wisteria) whilst i can, we've got to be out of our house in two weeks, & currently don't have anywhere to move to (eek)


  1. Oo that yarn sounds lovely,but sad it will soon be homeless (O and you too)hope you find something soon!

  2. loving the yarn! such a gorgeous denim-y colour. with it being soya-cotton is it better for o's skin? thank you so much for your advice for elsa...another difficult night with crazy scratching of her face...i am so happy to be awake with her now and her hands busy with a rattle!

    wisteria is truly divine i agree...glad you're able to enjoy it before you move. good luck with finding that lovely new nest! x

  3. Love the colour wool.
    Hasn't the weather been gorgeous?
    I don't envy your house move, it can be a really stressful time, so wishing you luck xx

  4. I had the email from Kemps too... but I have resisted.... until possibly now! lol

    love the colour and I hope you find your next abobe soon...

    x Alex

  5. Beautiful color and stitch definition on that yarn! Good luck with the house situation =\

  6. I love those Sublime yarns - gorgeous colour. Have now signed up with Kemps group on Ravelry - oh dear...