Tuesday, 26 April 2011

almost a ta-dah!

as sad as i was that the Easter holidays were over, it was rather nice to get the house back & enjoy a more peaceful day, little O surprised me by having a little nap this afternoon, so i took the hour to catch up with my circle in a square granny blanket,

i am so nearly there with this & really want to push myself to finish it, i had a quick change of plan by instead of going with the 10x10 squares i had intended from the start, to an 8x12 squares blanket, my thought being that this will be better suited to use on the sofa, 
all my circles are finished, i'm just working my way through crocheting the last two rows on, then i need to come up with a border, this blanket has been a wip for far too long, i really want to get it finished!

Sunday, 24 April 2011


this easter has really felt like a holiday, mostly down to all the lovely weather we've been having, i've been rather busy & having too much fun getting out & doing things too spend much time on the computer, but heh thats okay with me & i'm sure everyone has been doing the same, 

the seeds the children & i planted at the start of the easter holidays {just two weeks ago} have also been enjoying the warm weather & have been growing like crazy on the window sill, they will need to be planted out very soon at this rate but i'm a little worried that this weather won't hold!

i did treat myself to some new fabric, i'd been loving these for a while, so once Kate over at misformake had popped them into her sale i couldn't resist, 

& thank you to Laura i had the perfect recipe to use up some rhubarb, these went down a treat at an afternoon play at the park with my group of friends, i will be asking my mum to bring over more rhubarb with her asap as these just didn't last long enough

i've found it far too hot to be knitting but i have been planning a few sewing projects, when i get round to putting them into action who knows, but the thought is there, {i have done a little sewing but that's a secret right now so keep it shhh}

Sunday, 17 April 2011

out in the garden

we've spent quite a lot of time outside this weekend & i've been having fun playing with my camera, i've been up to very little in the way of making (other than a spot of baking) but  i have been adding to my fabric stash, so i can continue to stalk the postman for the rest of next week! 

i'd like to think i might get something started next week but then what with it still being half term & easter it's unlikely, we'll see, i have however set myself a challenge & signed up for Elsie Marley's 'kids clothes week' taking place in May, you'll find the link over on the side, there are so many things i want to make, so i really need a little push!

Friday, 15 April 2011

with a little luck

i collected this beautiful little parcel from the post office today, i was so happy to get some lovely post & it totally made up for the lack of sunshine around here over the last few days!

what's inside you might be wondering, well i was lucky enough to win a give-away over on {the ardent sparrow}'s beautiful blog, having been sent there by Jane from teawagontales with the chance to win some lovely goodies from five days of give-aways! lets take a look shall we - 

my name was picked out the virtual hat for day one! oh so pleased am i, that means not one but two beautiful gifts coming to stay with me. Jane's bag being the first to arrive, so well made & perfect for spring! (with plenty off room to fill with all the necessary bits a mother of two needs to cart about) thank you Jane, i love it!

& i still get to stalk the postman for the next parcel from paper pastries

Saturday, 9 April 2011

the tiny pebble

this little pebble vest was finished last week, but i've been so busy either working (or enjoying the beautiful weather) that i just haven't got round to posting about it, but now we have broken up for easter i can take a big sigh & relax & hopefully enjoy a little more good weather (& maybe knitting if i'm lucky)

such a sweet little pattern. it knitted up so well & i really fell for this yarn, think i might have to stash some away (it's Rowan cotton jeans, shade blue jeans - on sale at kemps now)

i know a few people having babies this year, so am hoping that one will have a small boy! as this pattern really is a newborn size, i might also do another one on larger needles, mostly because i loved knitting this so much

my ravelry notes are here

Sunday, 3 April 2011

my week in pictures

of course my little O would rather play with the stones than the sand! we still have 'a view' from the upstairs windows from which to watch the sunset, new yarn on the needles, the camellia seems to have survived the move & is happily flowering away in the garden, my boy having been in the dressing up box, sneaking a little play with his sisters doll house, a good week all in all, rounded off nicely with mothers day & now one week to go till Easter holidays - hooray!

hope you've all had a lovely week too