Friday, 25 January 2013

52 weeks of happy

52 weeks of happy
1. although i'd be quite happy to wake up tomorrow to find it all had melted, it still makes me happy to find the beauty in all that white stuff we've been getting
2. a bright & cheery new table cloth, a fab bargain in the cath kidston sale, i was lucky to find some of this in the chichester store as they'd sold out online, my last one had lasted years & years but had a few cuts in {mostly my fault!} but there were enough of them to mean that wherever i sat the smallest ones they always managed to spill their drink right on one of the parts with a hole in!
3. one a penny, two a penny, i love hot cross buns, even better are the discovery of the M&S apple & cinnamon ones {i'm also really keen to try out their belgium chocolate ones too, thanks to the tip from mrs biddle!} 
4. i've totally loved watching the great british bake off for comic relief this week & have been rather obsessed about making a bakewell tart since, it was an itch i just had to scratch, so i made some bakewell slices this afternoon, timed perfectly to be ready when we got in from school - they are every bit as yummy as i had hoped {i used the recipe from my very well used rachael allen 'bake' book}

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

dresden plate pillow

amongst some of lovely books i was given this christmas was the Cath Kidston 'patch' one, it's quite a sweet book, with some patterns & ideas i'm sure i will make in the future, but it also comes with some small fabric squares to get you started on a project, so whilst leaving the snow play to the little kids & their big kid {oops i mean dad} i set about to re-cover a small pillow, i really enjoyed this porject, it was just the right mix of hand & machine sewing, & small enough to get finished quickly, i used some fabric i already had from yonks ago {i think it came from Ikea?} to make the pillow slip, then just sewed the dresden flower plate to it, the pillow is the perfect size for little O, it would however also be the perfect size for my desk chair, luckily enough i have another pillow the same size in need of a new cover - i'd better get started then!
dresden plate pillow
dresden plate pillow
dresden plate pillow

Friday, 18 January 2013

52 weeks of happy

{ 15/52}
snow beard
permanent fixtures
colourful cowl
rain rain go away
1. SNOW, so much snow, this has made me happy for a number of reasons, but it has certainly made the kids & dog happy, little Barns loves it! he's made me chuckle every time he asks to go out & run around like a loon in it
2. slippers, these make me happy every single day {if i'm home they are on} but i've been especially appreciative of them lately
3. some happy colourful knitting, a very quick belated birthday present made up for a small person, based on a basic mobius cowl, knit in garter stitch in left over yarn from another project - i've enjoyed knitting this
4. a new print for the littlest one, from the absolutely brilliant mr printables website

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

my sweet peasy

new yarn
my sweet peasy
sweet peasy
here is the latest finished knitting project, a sweet peasy for my little O, although she is rather too little for this knit, i'd followed the 5-6 years instructions, thinking it may only be a little big, but it's actually quite a lot big - still at least she'll grow into it so not all is lost, it might make a nice school cardigan {for next year!} the pictures where taken pre blocking, i just had to grab the opportunity to take some when we had a little light, she's getting the hang of this modelling lark & is happy to goof about infront of the camera when needed, i knit this up in some cotton rope i'd brought from kemps {at a super cheap price} the yarn is lovely & soft, i just hope it stays the same after a few washes, it was also not too bad to knit with, i used this pattern, whilst i didn't think it was the easiest pattern to read it was an easy knit once i'd got the hang of it, so not bad value for money as it has quite a wide size range, the buttons are vintage ones i found from having a rummage in my button tin, i think they work with the grey, my project details can be found here

Saturday, 12 January 2013

52 weeks of happy

new knit
fly away top
oh dear, i seem to be getting later & later with my happy posts, this weekend seemed to creep up ever so quickly, which was a blessing really, this week was rather a shock to the system, but one which we all managed & are now grateful for a few days respite  {i've not been taking many photos lately, partly because of the grey skies, but also i've either been too busy or just too tired really}
1. a finished knit, oh how i love that feeling of sewing in the last of the ends, adding the buttons & then ta da, this ones come up a little big - opps, i'm still happy with it, will be back later in the week to share the details
2. dusting off the sewing machine & {almost} completing something, again i'll be back in the week with the details, as soon as i've finished off the hem!
3. as strange as it sounds but the drop in temperature here in the uk is bringing a smile to my face, an excuse to wrap up extra warm & get maximium usage of all the hats, gloves & woollen goodness {& fingers crossed there might even be some snow}
4. a trip to the panto with my kidlets tomorrow, a weekend treat

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

big bow

i always have a number of knitting projects on the go at any one time {& always more in the planning} these are often projects that take a while & i can pick up & knit a little when i find the time, well we all need a little instant pick me up now & again, that buzz you get when finishing a project, so i picked a super quick & easy project i could finish in a day, & what a cute one it was too! i think she had fun showing this one off {i also had to get the new trainers in too - they won't stay that box fresh for long}
big bow
new kicks
in case anyone else fancies a quick fix, the pattern is this one, the details for mine can be found here, it was such fun that i might just have to make myself one!

Friday, 4 January 2013

52 week of happy

52 weeks of happy
i've found getting to the end of this week mostly more un-happy than happy, mainly because i've loved being surrounded by my family this christmas, the hubs took off the same holiday as the children, which has been just lovely for us all, as he normally works alot!, i also know i have to spend some time this weekend sorting out the school / work clothes, PE & school bags etc & will get that sinking feeling sunday night, we've had a quiet few days so when i take time to think about it i have many small {but important} things to be happy about, i did manage to capture a few pictures on the phone
1. fire lit, feet up & knitting - my happy place
2. my bandit girl print from the black apple, i'd been wanting one of emily's prints for such a long long time, when she had a little sale before christmas i couldn't resist, she took an age to arrive - so long so that i thought she'd lost her way, but she's now in the perfect frame & where i can look at her everyday
3. Hestons mince pies for waitrose, not like any mince pie i've ever had before but ever so good
4. a super quick knit for the littlest one & super cute on her too - pattern details found here

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

seeing in the new year

what a beautiful start to a new year, we saw the new year in with good friends, all the little folks stayed up too! don't think they could believe we let them all stay up that late, then today out to watch the morris dancing {as is tradition in the village} so lovely to see a clear blue sky & feel the warmth of the sun as we watched, it felt such a treat 
New Years Day
New Years Day