Saturday, 8 May 2010

completely random

7 random facts all about me!
- I love pancakes, (banana ones are my favourites) i make them most weekends, it's probably the only recipe i know off the top off my head, 

- early morning is my favourite time of day, i used to love getting up before anyone else, to go and sit in the garden with a cuppa, but since having two children i'm not so great at this time of day, i tend to need to drink my cuppa in bed before i can face getting up,

- i am (rather embarrassingly) hooked on glee,

- i love (the idea) of having another baby, but would probably be just as happy to get a dog instead,  
little O's quilt
- tulips are my favourite flowers, 

- i miss listening to the adam & joe show on a saturday, 

- i don't really like beer but i love Bacchus frambozenbier

thanks again to Jenny for tagging me, in the true spirit of playing along i now need to tag another two bloggers, very hard to do (those of you who may have seen my profile will have seen i follow a whole heap of blogs!) 
*now only play along should the mood take you!* firstly i will tag a new blog 'flora & purl' (who coincidently also happens to be a friend of mine) following her blog is making up for my lack of spending any time working out in my own garden this year (& hopefully i will pick up a few tips for when i get my veggie patch going next year)
& i'm also going to have to pass it on to Alex from pink feather paradise, for coming to my rescue so amazingly quickly, she posted out some of the debbie bliss yarn i was in need of on Friday & it arrived this morning!!!! (thus ensuring i shall be able to snuggle under a lovely big granny blanket come autumn) 


  1. Awww.. not a problem at all and thank you very much for the tag... oh my 7 things to think of!?

    I was amazed how quickly mr Posty got it over to you...

    hugs Alex

  2. Just found you on my travels, sorry I can't remember where from as I'm hopping around tonight.

    Really enjoyed my read. Where you mentioned running out of Debbie Bliss for your blanket, I was wondering if you've tried Ravellry. A friend managed to swap some yarn she didn't need for the one she's run out of on there, so that might work.

    Lisa x

  3. Oooh like me- that hard decision between a baby and a dog. Baby/cute beagle. Baby/cute beagle????

    Thanks for the tag- I will get on with my random things later on in the week. I'm never very good at these random things though, I think about them for so long they don't end up being very random!


  4. hehe Banana pancakes, just like the song by Jack Johnson, I secretly love glee too (shh, dont tell)

  5. Love the facts.
    Dog v baby as a mum of 3 under fives I'd say a dog! Only joking I must say I feel that our little un has made the family feel complete.