Friday, 7 May 2010

the 90 minute shirt

i've no idea how long this took me to make, it may have been a little under 90 minutes,  as i did cut a few corners! i'd had this tutorial bookmarked for a while now, thinking i would be making one for little O, but as it turned out G got one first, 
it was a rush job, as i remembered at the last minute that he was supposed to wear yellow to school today (nothing to do with the election, but purely for the privilege of bringing a plant in for the school grounds!) well of course he had nothing yellow to wear, i panicked, but as luck would have it, i had an old yellow gap vest & some grey knit fabric lying about, 
just don't look to close, panic sewing at 10pm is not what i'm best at, still he was happy (oh to be four again & so easily pleased)
it was far easier than i'd thought it would be & i would love to make one again, but maybe take a little more time on a better finish, 

*gold star to whoever can guess who he is impersonating in the last photo?* 

edited to add - well done Alex, you guessed it, he does a very good mick jagger impression, if i had any idea how to upload a video i would have to share it & thanks again Alex for coming to the rescue with the debbie bliss pure cotton yarn! i'll now have plenty to finish the granny blanket with!


  1. good guess, but someone far more 'old school' than that!

  2. Oh is he that bloke with the big lips in the rolling stones... Mick Jagger!

    Yarn was posted today at 4:45... blogland is ace!

    X Alex