Thursday, 6 May 2010

almost friday

well, it's now even nearer to Friday than when i first started writing this post, but what a week so far, being back at work & still trying to fit in all the regular stuff has really wiped me out, i've also not been sleeping so great due to house moving related worries!
our buyer is pushing things along at a very quick pace (she's currently in rented), we've had an offer accepted on a house (far from my dream house, but it's BIG! & in a great location, i've had to use my head for the decision making & not my heart)

so yesterday i picked up my hook & worked on another row for the granny blanket, which really did help to calm the mind & slow me down a little, 
every time i work on this i love it more & more, although i am so upset to have noticed i'm going to be short on the white/gray i'm using for the borders, (Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton shade #18 - now discontinued, darn it, so if anyone spots some anywhere, please please do let me know)
Also to kick start my 12 hours of sewing a month pledge, i set about making a cosy for our coffee cafetiere, i made this up as i went along & was really pleased with how it turned out, 
i need to make another one to match for our mini cafetiere!
ofcourse little O wanted to get in on the act too! (she rather annoyingly just wanted to take the cosy on & off, over & over)
i've been at the sewing machine again tonight, having just remembered at bath time, that it's a 'non-uniform, wear yellow & bring a plant into school' day tomorrow, just great, G had nothing in yellow (& i've yet to buy a plant) so i set about this evening, chopping up a yellow vest of mine, with which to make a t'shirt for him to wear tomorrow, not my finest work, i just hope it's going to fit him!


  1. Hope the move goes OK, sometimes the house you settle for is the one. This house was just a stop gap, but we are the ones stopping!

  2. Gorgeous crochet, love the colours.

  3. Gorgeous crochet & great cafetiere covers!
    Good luck on the move,hun! I'm sure you will make the new house, the ideal home you want it to be!! The fact that it's large, and in a lovely area, sounds as though it's got loads of potential!!
    Have a great weekend : )

    Sharon xx

  4. I hope the house move goes well!

    I love your crochet it's so colourful. :)

  5. How do you find the time?
    I think you must be super woman!
    Have a great weekend
    Jenny x

  6. Good luck with the house move, and the yarn your looking for is the colour code 39018? I have some balls of that colour that I dare say I can spare! let me know if its the right colour...

    hugs Alex

  7. I hope the housey stuff works our - there is nothing like a pushy buyer. Hope it's in a dream location?

    Love the crochet, though as for yarn...I'm useless, but will keep my eye out for you.

    take care and have a lovely weekend - try not to stress too much.

    Nina xxxxxx

  8. Good luck with all of the house stresses... it's such an overwhelming process! Take care!

  9. Keep going with the crochet- good for your stress! I will keep a look out for the yarn for you- I think i have some debbie bliss cotton in my stash, but I think it may just be normal white.

    Love the cosy- what a clever idea!