Monday, 3 May 2010

the first day of may

we had a lovely start to May by driving down to Brighton, to visit my sister, i had forgotten that the 1st of May was the start of the Brighton festival & the day of the children's parade this year  (& i only lived in Brighton for almost 30 years!) as luck would have it, she has recently moved (to the most amazing house!) in the lanes, so we had a great view of some of the action!
her house really is amazing (almost makes me want to move back to Brighton) 
we can't seem to visit Brighton without a visit to the lego shop (even when we haven't got the children with us)

Also i really have to say thank you to Jenny over at sew obsessed for passing on a beautiful blog award to me, i'll be back later when i've had time to think about the 'seven random things about me'

oh & i'm planning on following Juliette's lead & her 12 step program, to give me the kick i need to get back on my poor neglected sewing machine!


  1. I'm looking forward to your random things.
    I've had a read of Juliette's challenge, I struggle at the moment to do 1 hours sewing a week so 12 hrs a month, might be a challenge too far!
    Good luck can't wait to see the results.
    Jenny x

  2. I proposed to Mr P on Brighton Beach.... its only been 12 or is it 13 years and we still haven't gotten married yet! lol

    x Alex

  3. Came to your blog through crafty helen at home, Lovely blog and I love the granny squares, I have a box underneath the sofa with lots made and some sewn together and there is sits, I never seem to have the time. I was born in Brighton and have lived here all of my life, I would not live anywhere different, there is always something going on and something to see.