Thursday, 31 December 2009

goodbye 2009

wow, where did that year go, my first year blogging too!

i think i can safely say a very merry christmas was had by all our family (despite the slight blip of little O having a 24 hr. vomiting bug)

& although the little ones were given a ton of toys, it still brought a smile to my face when the second they opened their hand knitted socks, they both put them straight on. big G was also very pleased to open the boys quilt which didn't sell at the xmas fair, (& i can also let you know that dolly Susan was very pleased with her new quilt)

i found time to finish knitting the fern glade hat
fern glade hat
and started a little knitting with one of my Christmas presents
Chunky tweed - debbie bliss
unfortunately i have managed to lose the charger for the camera,and so am unable to take any photos of the other things i have been up to,

but did get a photo of my favourtie present the little ones were given (aside from all the things their mama made them of course)
Russian dolls

wishing you all happy new year, we'll be seeing in 2010 with a curry & a bottle of bubbly!

(i shall now be spending the day looking for that blinking charger!)

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

busy busy

i seemed to have taken an rather unintentional blog break! there just seems to have been far too many other things going on, which have kept me away from this little space of mine.

i have finished off another pair of toasty mitts (for my sister in law)
toasty mitts
& then started this hat pattern, using the same lovely UK alpaca yarn
new hat wip
finally finished the Christmas quilt for my mum (yes this really was started in September!!!!)
nana's christmas quilt
i got round to making a few cards with the little stars i had crocheted
christmas card
there has been brownie baking (a great recipe from this book)
the little people have been enjoying the snowy weather outside
whilst i have mostly been trying to enjoy it from herewith a cup of tea, a brownie & some knitting in my lap!

wishing you all a lovely Christmas, x

Monday, 14 December 2009

feeling a little more like Christmas

little felt snowman
we got the decorations up, well just about, but what with two little people helping, it wasn't the normal enjoyable experience for me, but they had great fun (there were however casualties! - one snow dome down this year & one set of lights)

let just say a few glasses of mulled wine later and it was feeling a lot more like Christmas.

little O has also had fun discovering the Christmas nut bowl, there aren't many left in the bowl now, most of them have found their way into Santa's sack, that is until Santa was relived of his duties, when she felt that the reindeer's might need a little rest.
i have also finished a few little projects & am about to start a few more, will be back soon with a few pictures

Friday, 11 December 2009

another ta da

crochet garland ta da!

it's up, it's just about the only decoration (not counting the advent calendar) we've got up a the moment! but i'm sure that will change over the weekend.

i think this might have to move up to little O's room after Christmas, it's just too sweet to hide away for a year.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

a little wip

crochet stars

these little beauties are what have been distracting me from what i really should be getting on with,

crochet stars

very addictive, completely and utterly inspired by this very talented lady

crochet stars

they have now all been strung onto a garland & are waiting to be put up, they are making me very happy just looking at them.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

christmas crafting

how very pleased i was with this little development, it's hard enough to get G to sit still for more than 5 minutes, but sewing!
even though he did stand whilst doing this, he was keen enough to finish the whole puppet (with a teeny tiny bit help from his mama)

i also finished off this knit for little O, details found here, a lovely quick little knit, which i'm sure i will be doing again at some point,
Neighborly Elf
just like her brother she barely sits still for more than a few seconds, so the only time i could get a picture was whilst she was sitting down to her 2nd breakfast of the morning.
Neighborly Elf
i'll hopefully be back tomorrow with some pictures of a little project i've been slightly distracted by, i really must get on & finish off the Christmas presents in my wip pile!

Monday, 7 December 2009

the Christmas fair

well, well, what a busy weekend, Saturday went really very well (considering we only live in a very small village, with only just over 100 children at the school) it was really worth all the hassle it involved, my husband took some really not so great photos, but it's enough to give you the general idea.
some things sold really well - (wish i'd made double the amount of jumper bunnies) some things not so well, but i would definitely think about doing one again,
i also finished off the doll quilt for little O's Christmas present, i loved this little project & might just need to get her another doll, just so i can make another mini quilt.
Dolly Susan's quilt
of course i couldn't just stop at the quilt & had to make a little matching pillow case
Dolly Susan's quilt
the weathers still so very dreary here, so i may have to snuggle up with the little people, watch a movie & start another knitting project.
Dolly Susan's quilt

Friday, 4 December 2009

started on this mini quilt for little O's doll, (so dolly Susan will be getting a Christmas present too!)

doll quilt wip

& i must say how much i'm enjoying this project

doll quilt wip

so quick to do, it's quilted & i'm already sewing the binding on, so should get it finished today!

doll quilt wip

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

getting organised

well i did get the advent calendar up in time, just (must try not to leave it so late next year)
& i have been a busy girl trying to get things ready for the fair on Saturday & get on with the handmade Christmas presents i've planned.
more jumper bunnies
more jumper bunnies
more jumper bunnies
more jumper bunnies
more jumper bunnies
the kids hanging sets
nature hanging set
space hanging set
a few bags (which no matter how many times i press them, just get crumpled again!)
some crochet brooches& some little pouches,getting it all out last night, along with all the other things i'd made, it seemed like a lot, so i'm taking this week easy, making some labels & getting on with a little knitting. (& starting to get a little excited about Christmas)