Friday, 23 November 2012

52 weeks of happy

new washer
ginger bread goodies
friday sure did come round fast again, the weeks are slipping by too fast, still i've got a lovely three day weekend thanks to a school inset day on monday - hurrah
1. i'll get the boring bit out the way first, a new washing machine, rather strange, but this is making me soooo happy, our old inherited one had been on the way out for quite a while, as always things go wrong when you could do with the money to spend on other things, but ho hum, i really can't live without one of these & its rather lovely to have properly clean clothes again
2. i couldn't resist these at the supermarket - the young girl on the checkout politely remarked that i had started my christmas shopping, i couldn't keep in a little chuckle as i replied i didn't expect them to last that long!
3. a little baking with the kids {we of course had to split the dough three ways, i got a little carried away with mine}
4. getting together the bits for my next project - i love new yarn & this lot was another bargain from kemps 

Thursday, 22 November 2012

plodding on

seagulls scarf
still here - just busy still working! plodding on slowly with the scarf for my hubs, nearly there {good job to as it will be needed for the game this weekend} thankfully tomorrow is a 'free day' {full of catching up with the hoovering & washing i've neglected to do} so i hope to be back with some happy too

Friday, 16 November 2012

52 weeks of happy

52 weeks of happy
what a week - rather unplanned but i've spent a lot of time at work this week, so i'm a little late with my happy!

1. so to turn a negative into a positive i am thankful that i do infact have a job, especially one which fits in so well around my family & i can't deny that the extra shifts will be a very welcome addition come payday
2. as it's children in need in the uk today, i {along with a whole school full of children} got to wear my pj's to work, which was rather lovely considering what a grey & miserable day it is here today
3. coming home for a warm bowl of soup & hot buttered toast at lunch time {this really did make me ever so happy}
4. i'm so glad that Barney & i got out for a very long walk on tuesday, as it's been his only long walk of the week - sorry boy, we'll make up for it this weekend

Thursday, 8 November 2012

52 weeks of happy

new dress
my work space
noro baktus
making plans
1. a new dress, i'm in love - a little treat to myself for working so many extra shifts last month
2. ignoring the chaos & enjoying a cuppa with an eccles cake
3. catching a glimpse of the colours in the new baktus {when it's not keeping me warm that is}
4. making lists & planning my christmas makes

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


whilst snuggling up in front of the wood burner last night i finished off my new scarf {& i've been wearing it since} it is just so warm & snug - really much warmer than the other scarfs & shawls i've knitted, i think this is down to a combination of the soft chunky yarn & the garter stitch, which makes it's extra thick, it was a treat to knit, as i love the mindless ease of garter stitch, this was a super easy pattern - which can be found here {if you're interested} i knitted it up in the noro kochoran {which if you follow this blog you'll know had been knitted up three times previously!} i'm happy with this knit though, so it can stay
noro baktus
noro baktus
noro baktus

Friday, 2 November 2012

52 weeks of happy

little helper
stormy weather walk
1. think i may just have found the perfect pattern for my noro yarn, i'm loving how this is knitting up
2. school holidays = visit to my folks, the kids get very excited about visiting & its lovely for me to get to spend some time with my mum {& little O becomes ever so helpful around her nana} this visit we also helped my {not so} little sister to move into her very first house {& see her new baby bump for the first time too!}
3. in between the rain showers, getting out for blustery walks with my boys
4. then being able to snuggle up with them both {maybe with a movie} to keep warm & snug