Tuesday, 30 November 2010

two steps forward

it was lovely to wake up this morning to find there had been a light dusting of snow overnight, making our attic view even more breathtaking 

thank you so much for all your comments on my last post, G is well on the mend now, i have spent today making up for my lost weekend, finishing off the children's advent calendar (which i will save for another post), some christmas knitting (rather frustrating, as i knitted one glove only to find i won't have enough to finish the second but never fear, i have a plan)

 indulging little O in some free reign with the glue & glitter & indulging myself with some home-made jam tarts

- now i'm back to starting that first glove again!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

then the worse

i had thought i would be able to post about some lovely things i had been making but in-between phone calls / trips to the doctors & hospital there has not been any-time to finish making anything, let alone post about it! 

poor G has been rather affected by a nasty infection, he has been surprisingly okay throughout (he rather liked the children's ward & was happy about getting to see his chest x-ray, if only we could have kept it for show & tell at school!) fingers crossed he is on the mend & i can relax a little now

what i can do is share with you the hat i made for Colette, as she was the winner of my hat give-away, this was the third attempt at making this hat & it was third time lucky as it knitted up a treat, you can see details of the pattern over on my ravelry page, it was far easier than it looked, i only made it more difficult for myself by using a different weight yarn from that suggested!

i couldn't resist trying it on, you know, just to check to would fit okay,

but you don't need to take my word for it, pop over & see Colette, it looks just lovely on her, 

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

the good & the bad

okay, i'll start with the bad, the house we were buying has now well & truly fallen through, i'd be lying if i  said i wasn't rather gutted by the whole thing, but i'm really trying not to dwell & besides i've got plenty to keep myself from getting too glum about it all


having just finished Colette's hat (which i will post about it when i know it has arrived safely with her) i have moved on to making a few christmas things,

speaking of which i'd better get back to the sewing machine whilst i've got the chance

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

a quick & rewarding knit

things have not really been a great bundle of laughs round here lately! sick bugs have been replaced with cough & cold bugs, & it's been a grey & rainy day, so of course, instead of finishing the knitting projects i have on the go (Colette, i promise 3rd times a charm & your hat is well over half way done) i started (& finished) another one!

little O & i have spent most of the day under a quilt on the sofa (in-front of cbeebies, but best keep that bit quiet - although i think the state of the kitchen might be a give-away)* & i knitted a hat, a very quick & happy hat

so quick in fact she even got to wear it on the afternoon school run! i used 'click' chunky with wool & knit it on 6.5mm needles, the pattern details can be found over on ravelry, it's a great mindless pattern & i love it knitted up in this yarn, i had to add a little of some other random left over yarn to make the pompom,

*if you're reading this dear husband, don't worry as there is a sausage bake cooking in the oven as i type*

Friday, 12 November 2010

otherwise occupied

it's been a tough week round here, starting with a broken boiler,

& ending with little O going down with a tummy bug! so not much fun round these parts, so very little progress on the sewing / knitting front to report, i've higher hopes for next week, 

Sunday, 7 November 2010

feeling lucky

i have been enjoying the weekend & feel like i squeezed quite a lot in, i've pressed the blocks i had stared for my next quilt project

 found out i had won a little give-away over on kate's blog, she popped them in the post so quickly that they arrived on saturday!

didn't manage to see too many fireworks from the attic window but did catch a rainbow

enjoyed the sunshine on a family day-trip down to portsmouth

& visit to the aquarium (& then watching 'finding nemo' on our return home)

having cooked, eaten (a yummy butter-nut squash recipe) & tided up as much as is necessary, i'm now looking forward to a spot of knitting in front of the telly, after the little people are tucked up in their beds, 
(& defiantly not thinking about the fact it is monday tomorrow & we're already into the second week of november!!!!!) 

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


hot buttered toasted tea bread (am happy to share the recipe if anyone's interested?)

with a cup of tea (my back from the school run / no work today treat)

& with the anticipation of some sewing at little O's nap time later

having finally cut into my lovely 30's reproduction fabric at the weekend

oh happy tuesday