Friday, 21 May 2010

the mixed up mushroom

i've just about had it with the house selling / buying / moving business for this week! but will save that rant for another day, 

i did manage to get a couple of snaps of the latest knitting project, but not great ones as big G smuggled it off to school with him today, 
from the same book as in the last post, let me introduce the 'mixed up mushroom'
he had wanted the toadstool pattern, but i was worried i didn't have enough yarn in my odds & ends box, so i followed the pattern for the mushroom, but made up a colour chart similar to that of the toadstool, & he turned out just fine,
not the prettiest of characters, but G is ever so pleased with it, so no complaints from me, & again it was made up from odd bit's of yarn i already had, 
i have already picked out the one i want to make for myself, but it may just have to wait a while


  1. cool toadstool.... and I like the raccoon fox... very secretive looking! ;D

    x alex

  2. soo cute! I love mushrooms :)