Saturday, 28 February 2009

All about me!

If any of you are interested in learning a little more about me & my crafting, then pop on over to Carina's craft blog to read a crafty interview she recently did with me!

Friday, 27 February 2009


The warmth of the sun today had me spending the afternoon in the garden, & whilst i should have been doing some sorting & tidying outside, i spent my time with a bag full of new wool, working on some little projects i have planned.

the children were happy & i was happy - i look forward to some more warm days such as this, even the crocuses seemed pleased to see the sunshine

(the wool came for here - it was on sale so i couldn't help myself)

Monday, 23 February 2009

Busy week

Well it feels like I've been away for ages & not just popped to stay with my folks for a few days. I love spending time with them & seeing the children form special bonds with their grandparents. I had planned to get on with some knitting whilst they entertained the little ones (in fact i had to re knit most of what i had done as the pattern I'm following just wasn't working out) but i didn't get much done as there was just too much else going on - walks down the lane (they live in the middle of the beautiful East Sussex countryside), a trip to the local animal sanctuary, lots of relaxing & eating nice food. Mr K & i even got out one evening to a local cinema to watch 'Slumdog millionaire' (what a great film)
We went into Lewes on the Saturday & as it was such a beautiful day, we brought sarnies & had an impromptu picnic at the grange. Then i had the chance to do a bit of window shopping whilst wandering round some of the lovely shops (of which two are wickle & the patchwork dog & basket )

So today's tasks of food shopping, washing etc seemed rather dull to return to, so when the postman brought this to my door today it certainly brightened it up!

Lovely, lovely fabric i won on the giveaway from Sudi-Laura's blog the adventures of a fabric junky
I had planned on making a skirt for little O with one of these, but now I've got them, seeing them together makes me think i might use them to make a small quilt instead, although I've got a very long list on wip's to be getting on with before i started anything new.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Little gnome

As if she needed another hat! pattern found on Ravelry, i just can't resist baby hats, so quick, easy & cute

Friday, 13 February 2009

Love & Stuff

I whipped up this little valentine gift - made using this tutorial so all thanks go to 'Molly chicken'

Looking forward to a busy weekend of hairdressers, kids parties, and a trip up to London to see some rarely seen but much loved friends (they are making the trip down from Sheffield) to go here - hope you all have a good one.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

A little ripple

As if i really needed another project! this is one i will probably take my time with, just a little baby sized ripple blanket, planned as a gift for one of the many babies due this year to friends - (just hope they don't all have boys!)

Monday, 9 February 2009


For some time now i have been trying out bootie patterns for little O, and hadn't found one which i could make up in the right size, Her feet seem to be long for her age but are on the skinny side, so most i have made came up too small, then when i try to swap yarn /hook/needles they come up too big! This is the latest pattern i have tried -
This pair looked at good bet, so we tried them on for a while - oops, she'd kicked them off within about 5 minutes, so i tried the same pattern again but in an aran weight wool -

and hooray - these little beauties seem to be staying on!

aside from the fact they look at little like clown shoes, they are rather cute! (I'm hoping the weather will warm up before she grows out of these)

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Swap goodies

What another cold & grey day - not a lot of anything going on round these parts as both small people have gone down with horrid colds!

I've been trying to get some good photos of the goodies that Joanne sent for the FQ swap but the light has been so bad that I've given up & these will just have to do.

Some great FQ's in blue shades, embroidery threads, a tissue holder (which has come in great use this weekend), little flowers and the cutest little cupcake buttons

Just how cute are they! Thank you again Joanne (sorry the photos don't do justice to the lovely things you sent me)

Thursday, 5 February 2009

It could be you!

Well actually it couldn't, as it was me! i took part in the fabulous 'Great International Stashbusting Giveaway' organised by Katy , and won one of the give-aways - lucky me, is was from 'adventures of a fabric junky's blog, the fabrics are just lovely, I'm so excited and plan to make something for little O with them - pop over & take a look at what i've won. On another lucky note i found this -
A cute little retro apron from a Charity shop.

I also got my hands on this Cath Kidston bag , long story but i had another bag to exchange. I'm really pleased with it, it's a great size for all the bit's & pieces i have to lug around with me these days, and such a lovely blue - I'm glad i went for something other than the floral options, as I'm starting to think maybe a girl can have too much (well maybe not - as I've also got my eye on many other things in her new catalogue!)

Also this lovely summery dress arrived for little O, from Baby Boden - just a shame she'll have to wait a while to wear it.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Hooray for warm ears!

One very warm hat, pattern found on Ravelry. I also wanted to say thank you to Joanne for the very lovely parcel she sent me for the FQ swap - (i will post a picture asap). I also have a few pictures to take of some other lovely bits but I'll keep you guessing for now!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow day

We've been having lots of fun playing out in the snow, then when we've all got too cold, we've been snugged up indoors, trying to keep warm & drinking lots of tea.

I have finished one sock, but will wait to take a photo once I've done the second one. Which is on hold at the moment, as the cold weather has got me knitting a new hat, hopefully i will get it finished today.

This little one has been causing lots of trouble at night keep us up - but i can feel two teeth on their way through so guessing that's the problem. she has also been teaching herself to blow raspberries, she is very proud of this trick and just loves to do it once she's got a mouthful of food!

My first daffodils of the year - i just love spring flowers so much.