Thursday, 20 May 2010

mini oscar

my sister in-law gave me this book for Christmas, & there it has sat on my shelf ever since, until last week that was, i wanted to make something for a little man's first birthday present & found the perfect pattern, meet little oscar
i'm really pleased with how he turned out, he's so cute & was such a quick knit, i used up left over yarn i had in my stash too! 
i did make a few little changes to the pattern, details of which can be found here
however having the book out  was a little too tempting for one of my little folk, & big G wasted no time in picking out a pattern he wanted knitted up for himself! i finished it this afternoon & haven't seen it since, i'm hoping i'll be able to find it tomorrow whilst he's at school, to get a few pictures of it (in all it's odd glory!)


  1. He looks such fun, really nice. I am not surprised it was a hit with the young ones. Julie.C

  2. ahhhh he looks like a humbug dog!

    I want to crochet a rabbit... kinda floppy and with the body like a rag doll... I have seen a wonderful knitted pattern for one but I have to say toys (in my humble opinion) look much better knitted than crocheted... and I can't knit! so I will have to experiment with yarn and hook size to see if I can replicate the pattern in crochet...
    can't wait to see the other creation... you are soooo clever! :)

    x Alex

  3. So glad to find this post, I gave been um-ming and ah-ing about gettingbthis book! I think I will now. Love little oscar. I am
    supposed to be spending less as I am stopping work next month but I keep finding all these must-have books and think that as they are craft books at least they will inspire and give me patterns for things to make and sell (trying to through folksy and etsy). So I think the book will need to be bought! Love your blog by the way x