Monday, 7 June 2010

still here - just!

wow, how have i stayed away so long, i've been meaning to post for days, but time has got away from me, last week was pretty hectic, packing, moving ALL our furniture into storage, moving in with the 'in-laws' over the weekend, living out of suitcases & boxes, not really knowing where anything is? cleaning our empty house, ready to handover the keys on wednesday, moving really is so SO stressful, 
i did escape to my folks for a couple of days last week, in an attempt to get myself & the children away from it all, well it was half term! no school - no work & all that, 
& how glad i was that we did, the weather was glorious, & i soaked up as much of that view as i could,
the small people enjoyed feeding the horses,

whilst i enjoyed a little quiet & a paddling pool with the best view ever,

i'm feeling much more positive about the whole thing & know we made the right decision, still i'm rather sad that my sewing machine & fabric stash is packed away for now, as i keep thinking about all the things i want to be making, so for now i'm going to be all about the yarn, as i've kept plenty of that within easy reach!

*& thank you for all your sweet comments about our (lack of) housing situation, you're all right of-course, as i'm sure it will all work out for the best in the end!*


  1. Lovely photos, glad you were able to chill out a bit. It will be fine xx

  2. Obviously just what the doctor ordered, a little oasis in the midst of your chaos, but it will all turn out OK, just keep positive!

  3. It seems like a perfect break! Best therapy when in stress....hope all gets sorted soon, : )

  4. Wouldn't it be easier to build a little granny annexe and live with the view! lol

    what a wonderful place your parents have... one day I hope to be living the dream too! ;D

    I am sure it will all work out fine... Jamie and I stayed with my mum and dad during a house move... Mr P and the dog stayed at his parents... it was hard going but made us very observant when looking for another property.. lol

    x Alex

  5. Kelly, so sorry I've been away too and seem to have missed out on a huge chunk of stuff.

    I hope all is sorted soon and now your probably in the best position, being able to move into something right away.

    Take care and there is always crochet.

    Nina xxx

  6. What lovely photos... hopefully all the upheaval wont last for too long.