Monday, 15 March 2010

spring stripes cardigan

i finished the cardigan last week, & little O has been wearing it pretty much all weekend, 
the pattern was very quick & easy, despite a small mistake in the 1-2yr size on the sleeves, (the first one i did came out a little too short, so i had to re-knit it having noticed the mistake whilst knitting the second one)
it's knit up in some rowan cashcotton DK yarn, which is just so soft & lovely to work with, it used very little too, i started with two ballls of each colour, but had about 45g of a 50g ball left of the pink & about 35g of the green left,
the pattern goes up to about 7/8 years, so i'm sure i'll knit it again, you can find the details over on my ravelry page,

i had a lovely relaxing weekend, & have been at the sewing machine again, i do have something to share, but no photos yet! but lets just say i'm feeling ever so proud of myself, i'll be back soon with a little snippet!


  1. That's really lovely! I need to learn how to knit! :)

  2. I love the choice of colours, they work really well together. I agree with Rachel, I need to learn to knit!

  3. I love the colours - like pistachio and raspberry ripples, yum!

    Nina x

  4. Oh thats so lovely! The colours are perfect x

  5. Cuties.. both the girl and the cardigan :)

  6. I think it's safe to say that as cute as that sweater is, the model is twenty times as cute!

  7. She's gorgeous! So is that lovely cardi too!!
    Well done!!

    Sharon xx

  8. That sweater looks great, I like the combination of pink and green. I haven't knit with that yarn, but it looks so soft and lovely.