Thursday, 29 April 2010

the neighbourly birthday gift

long time no blog, how did that happen, i have not been up to much, we did get an offer on our house, which after a little negotiation we accepted (hooray) so now will come the hard work of actually moving, not that we have anywhere to move to yet! (we are considering renting, as the people buying from us want things to move quite fast) so i'm feeling a little daunted but ever so excited, 

it feels like i have been making very little recently, i have done the heels on the socks, so am now just working on the cuffs when the mood takes me, 
i'm still working on the noro shawl, but as each row gets longer, progress has slowed a little

i did knit up a lovely little neighbourly for a sweet little girls 1st birthday present, which i can now share, as i know it made it to her in time for her birthday (happy birthday little M)
i used freedom sincere dk yarn, which is a lovely organic cotton, in what i'm hoping will be a very wearable colour for a one year old!
i love this pattern, it's nice and easy, but quick enough to keep your interest, i definitely plan on making little O another one in some chunky yarn for next autumn, 


  1. That is very cute and the colour is great. Never heard of a 'neighbourly' before!

  2. Oh I love the colour! What a fab gift x

    And 'grats on the house sale! Ours is going up at the end of the month and am dreading sitting around with it for ages :/

  3. Lovely gift, the colour is gorgeous.
    Good news on the house, hope it all goes smoothly.
    Jenny x

  4. great news on the sale, and love the knitting xxx

  5. Well done re the house, hope you find somewhere fab to live very soon. I love the little top- I have faved the pattern and might end up making one for little P x