Saturday 2 January 2010

a warm welcome to 2010

oops, i had the best of intentions to post yesterday, but having spent a very quiet night in on new years eve, we all wrapped up warm yesterday for the 5 minute walk to our village pub, to watch the traditional new years day morris dancing in the sunshine, whilst this seemed to be a lovely way to welcome in the new year, a group of us found ourselves back at a friends house, (it had got so very cold) after a few too many glasses of mulled wine, we were left wondering where the afternoon had got to, realising it was the little ones bath time, we thought we really should be getting home!

i did eventually find the charger for the camera, & got some pictures of another crochet star garland i have been making,
crochet star rainbow
this one will become a birthday present
crochet star rainbow
just perfect for the little girl its going to (hopefully making up for the fact it will get to her about a week late)
crochet star rainbow
(i was rather surprised & pleased to find out this picture made it onto the explore page of flickr for 31st December!)


  1. Wow!! So you should be pleased. They really look wonderful. Nope, I must start ANYTHING until I get some stuff finished!!

  2. I love the colors! I'm so impressed that you made a garland for a little girl- and there's no pink to be found! Hooray for you!

    Happy New Year- it sounds like you had a good one! Mulled wine is wonderful!

  3. LOVE THAT PIC!!! Love those stars!!! Do you 'block' them to get them looking so even?
    Great matching socks, bet they are sooooo warm!
    HAPPY 2010!!! : )

    Sharon XX