Thursday, 28 January 2010

a formal apology

to my nearest & dearest husband, as i found out yesterday, he does in fact read my blog from time to time & he was not impressed by the previous sock post (oops!)  it seems we had a little mis-communication, whereby he has no recollection of telling me he didn't want a pair of hand knitted socks, well as luck would have it, i had just ordered some more sock wool (thanks to periwinkle for pointing me in the direction of Kemps wool shop) so i was quickly able to resolve any ill feeling (& also felt far less guilty for buying yet more wool)

it arrived this morning, & at £1.20 a ball i felt i was very restrained (or possibly crazy some might say) at only buying four of the little beauties

i have also been getting on with my 'granny a day' you can see more of them over on my flickr page

although now i have started to crochet enough of the cirles for a row, & then i'll join them all together when i do the final round on them.


  1. Very nice sock yarns! And you are doing great with the grannies - beautiful color combos :)

  2. I am still waiting for my delivery from Kemps... did you have to wait long?

    mind you I did order loads... let me put it this way I mainly purchased from the clearance section and I spent £70... oh crumbs... where will I put it all? lol

    I love the colours of the sock wool and I am sure Mr Handmade at home will be very pleased... and have warm tootsies too! ;D

    x Alex

  3. Oh dear, you really shouldn't have included that link. I wasn't quite as restrained as you.....

  4. I read "to my nearest & dearest husband....he has no recollection of telling me he didn't want a pair of hand knitted socks" to my mister, and all he said was, "You know, we all read the blog of the person we love..."

    I guess we need to watch out what we write on here, huh?! I love your grannies and I'm so excited to see how it's all working out! It can feel like such a slow process- I think that one square a day is the way to do it!

  5. I just used my fabulous sock yarn to make a pair of fingerless can never have enough yarn:) My husband also surprises me with his periodic blog visits.

  6. The socks are going to look great in those colours, I am sure he is going to forgive you. Julie.C

  7. Loving the grannies :o) I use Kemps too, have picked up some wonderful bargains there in the past.