Sunday, 24 January 2010

weekend potterings

we all love a good 'potter' in this house, just a little mooch about doing nothing much, well not really doing nothing, but more having nothing pressing to do, if that makes sense?
the last few days have slipped by me, January seems to be flying by, my granny blanket is coming along nicley, i've been getting itchy needles to start my lace project for Kate's adventures in lace knit along, i'd promised myself i'd get my tweedy drew finished beforehand, & finish it i did, 
tweedy drew
but now it's finished i'm really not that happy with it, yes i love the yarn & it's keeping me warm, but i don't like the shape, it's not long enough & oops, i forgot to put the button hole in (which i only noticed after i'd sewn the whole blooming thing together!!!) so my trusty old kilt pin has come to the rescue, think i'm going to live with it for a few days & see how we pan out together i have in the mean time been perusing ravelry, just to see what else i could make with the amounts of yarn i have should things not work out)
we also took time to visit a few charity shops, where i was lucky enough to search out a couple of great fabric finds!

about half a yard of this lovely vintage floral fabric, i'm thinking maybe a sweet summer skirt for little O,

i also found this skirt, handmade in some amazing floral fabric

this is one very long skirt, loads of fabric, more than enough to make little O a dress from,

whoever this used to belong to must have been very tall with a teeny tiny waist (of course i couldn't resist trying it on!)
i'm off now to pop the kettle on for a pot of tea, to enjoy with the tasty apricot bars that should have just about cooled down to the perfect eating temperature by now, hope you're all enjoying a relaxing weekend.


  1. I love that colour green and its difficult to see the shape properly but I love the kilt pin... I have one with some beads and buttons threaded onto it... The charity shop finds are fabulous... I don't always look through the fabrics.. I am by no means a sewist! lol

    Have a lovely moochy day and enjoy your apricot bars...

  2. We've had a moochy weekend too, you need them sometimes.
    Excellent charity finds. The skirt is amazing.
    And I like the "tweedy drew" I'm no knitter but I think I my ask my mum to knit one!!
    I sew, she knits good combination!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  3. I think I should start to read what I write before posting my comments, then they might just make sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jenny xx

  4. I admire your charity shop finds, I never have any luck with them myself, I walk in with good intentions and never find the great stuff everybody else does.

  5. Hi Kelly, I'm Stacy from California. I'm participating in Kate's lace KAL, too, and wanted to stop by to say hello. I like your tweedy vest and the floral fabrics you picked up at the charity shop. I'm currently learning to knit socks, so I will probably make lace socks for the KAL. Looking forward to finding out what everyone is going to knit.

  6. Hi Kelly! I also thought I would introduce myself, as I'm also in the Adventures in Lace KAL that Kate is hosting. I'm Jenny from Sweden, and I knit a lot. Right now I'm sort of obsessed with lace, so this KAL is right up my alley.

    It's very nice to read a brittish blog, I seem to have found almost only american ones lately. Yours is a little bit closer to home :)

    It will be so much fun to get to know all of you KAL participants, and see what we all will make!

    / Jenny

  7. So much great stuff going on here! sorry i haven't been over for a while, have had a nasty lupus flare which has held me back from doing loads of things lately, it's a shame because i'd only just got back to blogging. still i am gradualy feeling better and it's not too long until spring now is it? (hard to tell with the weather at the mo). anyway, it has been lovely catching up on your posts. You really are very talented.

    Hugs xxx