Thursday, 31 December 2009

goodbye 2009

wow, where did that year go, my first year blogging too!

i think i can safely say a very merry christmas was had by all our family (despite the slight blip of little O having a 24 hr. vomiting bug)

& although the little ones were given a ton of toys, it still brought a smile to my face when the second they opened their hand knitted socks, they both put them straight on. big G was also very pleased to open the boys quilt which didn't sell at the xmas fair, (& i can also let you know that dolly Susan was very pleased with her new quilt)

i found time to finish knitting the fern glade hat
fern glade hat
and started a little knitting with one of my Christmas presents
Chunky tweed - debbie bliss
unfortunately i have managed to lose the charger for the camera,and so am unable to take any photos of the other things i have been up to,

but did get a photo of my favourtie present the little ones were given (aside from all the things their mama made them of course)
Russian dolls

wishing you all happy new year, we'll be seeing in 2010 with a curry & a bottle of bubbly!

(i shall now be spending the day looking for that blinking charger!)


  1. Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

    See you in 2010!!

    Colette xx
    (good luck with the charger hunt)

  2. wishing you a new year of happiness and creativity...and lots more blogging! Xx

  3. Oh man- I love that hat! It's just great! Have a happy happy New Year!

  4. Happy new year and blogaversery. 2009 has gone so fast. Cheers to more crafting and bloging in 2010. The hat looks fantastic. You have inspired me to try some more complex knitting patterns.
    Best wishes.

  5. Thanks for your best wishes.
    Yes we thankfully are finally on the mend!
    Hope you had a good new year looking forward to following your blog in 2010!