Thursday, 7 January 2010

a slower pace

things have been a little slow round these parts, & in our village we have pretty much been snowed in, luckily our neighbour took me to the shops today (in his big 4x4) so we've stocked up on food, as our local veg shop had run out of so many things, our menu for the next few days will be soup, soup & more soup!
i've spent many hours snuggled up under a quilt keeping warm with little O, as she gets over a tummy bug,
this has given me the perfect excuse to knit a new hat, i love this pattern, (really quick & easy too)
blackcurrant hat - wip
unfortunately i made a bad choice with the yarn (i went with a ball of debbie bliss pure cotton) so this one will be getting frogged, but think i might get hold of some more of the debbie bliss Donegal Chunky Tweed & knit it again. you can never have too many hats, can you?


  1. All that snow!!

    My parents are snowed in, in Hampshire too and all the shops have sold out with no forseen deliveries.

    I hope Little Miss O feels better soon though snuggling under a quilt sounds like the best therapy to me.

    take care,

    Nina xxxx

  2. Hope little O gets better soon.
    Soup sounds like a very good idea, enjoy.

  3. oh no! we've seen all the snow on the tv over here in australia!!!! i wondered what people were doing for groceries! I remember working in london and it started to snow and I was so fascinated that buses were still driving and people were walking around! silly old me just assumed the whole world shut down when it snowed!

    hope everyone is better soon!


  4. That sounds like a lovely way to spend the day! Actually, I plan lounge and knit today! I love your snow photos- they're very pretty!

  5. Love the colour of your hat,shame about the wool.Hope your little one feels better soon.


  6. Aww Your pics are always so hearwarming :o) The snow looks really Beautiful.
    Many Thanks for Your sweet and encouraging comment :o)
    and a Happy New Year xxx


  7. I just stumbled across your blog. Your photos are quite inspiring and colorful. I'm so glad I found it.