Monday, 25 January 2010

eye of the storm socks

i have cast on for a pair of socks, (using this pattern again), the wool had been ear marked for a pair of socks for my dearest husband, he however has shown little interest in owning a pair of hand knitted socks, he even went so far as to indicate that he might find them ever so slightly itchy on his 'oh so' very delicate feet (what a fool i hear you cry, he clearly knows nothing!)

well  i would agree, & wasting little time trying to persuade him otherwise, these socks shall be all mine!!!

the yarn is regia design line by Kaffe Fassett, in the 'storm' colour way, it's my first attempt at knitting both socks at the same time (no second sock syndrome for me!) & i'm finding it surprisingly easy so far, it was just rather lucky i made two of these little patchwork bags, which have proved rather useful at stopping my yarn getting in a tangle.


  1. Those will be lovely socks, he is stupid if he doesn't want them! I have been looking at all the nice kaffe-fassett-yarns, but still not bought any...

  2. Are you on Ravelry ? There is a group on there for Kamps Wool Shop -- is that where you got your sock wool from , if not I'd definately check out their website :-)

  3. That was meant to say Kemps not Kamps oops

  4. Doesn't want hand-knit socks?!? What in the world! He doesn't know what he's talking about, does he? ;D

    That yarn is beautiful, and the little bags are perfect!

  5. He doesn't deserve hand knitted socks... I on the other hand would love and cherish them forever and ever! lol

    I have just placed an order with Kemps online... not a huge selection but the prices are amazing...

    love the colour and I can't wait to see them finished...

    x Alex

  6. thanks for the tip on Kemps, i'd not found them before!

  7. Goodness are all men the same about handmade socks, my partner said just the same to me before Christmas. I had planned to make him some for a gift, not so sure now. This colour is lovely. Julie.C

  8. Ooh, that yarn is lovely! My hubs hasn't shown any interest in handknitted socks either - but my Dad loves the pair I made for him last year. I can't even begin to imagine how you knit two pairs at once though!
    R x

  9. Is he mad!!! Who says no to a pair of hand knitted socks, especially in this weather, men!
    I love your patchwork bags.

  10. I agree, those socks should belong to someone who will cherish them and appreciate what a good thing they have. Someone like you!
    Those are adorable patchwork bags, how lucky were you to just have a pair hanging around.