Thursday, 14 January 2010

yet more hooky

life still feels a little in limbo this week, the snow is slowly melting but i have yet to leave the village for days, still this has given us all time to slow down somewhat,
i finished off the ripple blanket, & have to admit it has yet to make it up to little O's cot, it has remained mostly on my lap, keeping me extra snug & warm, she of course is not getting cold as she has her quilt & the receiving blanket her brother was brought home from hospital wrapped in (which was lovingly hand knitted my their Nana, ) she too was wrapped in it on the day of her birth (but she was already at home) so i'm sure she won't mind going without the ripple for a little longer.

after a busy morning entertaining little O (& a little friend of hers) she rewarded me with a long nap before we had to collect her brother, so instead of dragging my snug & cosy self off the sofa, to either a:clean the house or b:spend some time with my neglected sewing machine, i started to use up the yarn scraps from the ripple blanket on a new crochet project,
this barely counts as a new project as it is oh so very little & should be finished by the weekend, as i'm sure little O will agree that dolly Susan would benefit from a snug & warm little blanket, i followed the tutorial from Lucy at attic24 on her summer garden granny square blanket

now i'm off to sew a few of those squares together & sample the cookies that should be just about finished baking in the oven as i type,

i'll be back soon to chat about a little lace-along that kate has organised, which is giving me the perfect excuse to browse through patterns on ravelry


  1. My goodness- that ripple is so pretty! I love it- and maybe you've just inspired me to get mine out of hibernation!

  2. Your ripple blanket is beautiful ~ I love it and the colours are really pretty. I'm still rippling away but am yet to progress to anything larger than a scarf ~ but a ripply blanket is definitely one of the things on my never ending to do list :O) x

  3. Nice one.
    I have just learnt to crochet!
    I think I might be doing the ripple soon!


  4. The ripple is beautiful and it does look very nice and cosy - I love the colours.

    Hae a wonderful weekend,

    Nina x

  5. The ripples are so Pretty as are the little granny squares. Your little one is going to treasure her ripples for years to come, they might well turn into a favourite blankie :o)

    Have a Lovely weekend xxx


  6. I made the same ripple blanket for a blog friend of mine, her baby girl loves it... I hope you managed to get the granny a day button on your blog... I sent an email.

    Loving your crochet creations... very Lucy'esq! lol

    can't wait to see how the dolls blanket comes together...

    x Alex

  7. wow, so many blankets, they take time to make I know something about it :)

    can't wait to see your progress in making granny squares...