Wednesday, 20 January 2010

grannys in a row

i am really enjoying the granny-a-long, i'm not quite doing a granny a day, some days its none, then the next it might be three! i'm loving joining them as i go though (however i've yet to start sewing my ends in as i go!)

right now i'm thinking these will become a blanket 

which really will make it a year long project.

(so long as i don't fall out of love with them & then they can just become a pillow)

i'm loving them so much i even ordered some more of the debbie Bliss pure cotton i'm using (whilst it's on sale here!) so now i have a few more colours to play with,

on a completely random (yet increasing frustrating) note, i'm waiting on some fabric i ordered from the states through etsy, which was shipped two weeks ago, i'm really hoping it was the snow that's delayed it, as whenever i've ordered before it's always found it's way to me within a week! (& i can't keep up my morning lookout for the poor postie going much longer!)


  1. I love your granny squares, and i know what you mean about waiting for an overseas delivery... I had a parcel from China and it took an age... it was held up at customs...

    x Alex

  2. Loving the granny squares.
    I'm waiting on a parcel from China, I run to the door every morning when the postie comes but still nothing. Have you any tips on buying fabric from US? Do you end up paying import taxes? Would love some advice
    Thanks and keep up the lovely work!

  3. Hi I have been 'grannying' for a week now, do you get sore fingers?

    I think I've fallen for the yarn!

    How things can change in 1 week.

    Now I'm having the dilemma of finishing my squares with a white round, I've done 5.
    I'm now pacing from room to room trying to see which I prefer, with or without!!!


  4. Beautiful grannys - I love the colours you've chosen and thanks for the link I've just bought myself some wool!!

    Have a lovely evening,

    Nina x

  5. Your granny squares are so great! Off to check out the celtic cove sale!

    Maybe the fabric is caught up in customs? In my experience when parcels from the states get delayed, that's usually why. I never figure out how they decide whether to charge me tax or not, but sometimes I do get hit, booo...

  6. I love the square pattern you choose! I love the white border, too. I usually think of a granny square blanket as having a black border, and what you're doing just lightens up the whole thing- love it!

  7. Thanks for your email on fabric.
    Just to let you know I've given you a sunshine award, just pop over to my blog to get it!
    Have a good day

  8. Those are beautiful squares! It's granny squares that make me wish I knew how to crochet, maybe I'll learn one day. Good luck with your fabric, the snow has been consistently coming for sure.

  9. Hi Kelly, Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovley comment. Just looking at your work, your crochet is really neat and choice of colours. I am very much a basic crochet, and have not yet tried granny squares, I am working on it. best wishes Julie.C

  10. So Pretty! I Love Your colours :o)

  11. Hi, found your blog by blog-hopping :-)
    Your granny squares are beautiful - the edging in white finishes them perfectly.

    Thankyou for mentioning the sale - oh my goodness, I'm off to blow the budget!