Sunday, 3 January 2010

like mama, like little O

it's not something i would ever do, put myself & little O in matching outfits, but matching socks, well that's just about okay, it is Sunday, where we have nothing more important to do other than settle down for a little 'hairy Maclary'

sunday socks
last week we made a rather impulsive trip to IKEA, as we were in desperate need of some storage, well we came home with a new expedit unit, why had we never got one of these things before, it's great & stores so much stuff,
crafty books
and means i have found a very happy new home for all my craft books,


  1. Wonderful socks. Trouble is in this house hold me and the J's all have feet the same size (ish) Little J's are now 10!!! Where has my little boy gone.

    Happy New Year

    Colette x

  2. Good God- matching socks!?! They should outlaw that much cute!

  3. Very cute socks!!

    Enjoy the new storage,

    Nina xx

  4. Those pics of your matching sock clad feet are so adorable! We have a couple of those ikea units too, they're fab (and it was quite interesting to see how many of your craft books I have too!)
    Rachel x

  5. Cute picture!
    I have an expedit unit in my son's room - it holds masses of stuff!
    I would love your craft book collection (book envy!)
    Happy New Year

  6. Adorable socks - they look so warm! I have a small expedit unit, and I love it. I wish I had enough space for a big one!