Tuesday, 12 January 2010

the ripple reveal

pretty much more of the same round these parts, G had his first full day at school today, so little miss O & myself enjoyed the peace & quiet, with lots more building (& knocking down) towers with the wooden blocks,
dolly Susan has been given lots of attention (& a new little tank top to keep her warm in this cold, cold weather), both she & little O have been making great use of the doll quilt too.

there has been plenty of time to snuggle & keep warm ourselves too, i have finally finished the 'baby ripple' i started way back here (almost a whole year ago, oops)

there has of course been lots of tea & biscuits involved
& here it is, i'll try & get a full sized pic once the ends have all been neatly sewn away & we get some better light, more details can be found here if you're interested!


  1. Hi, the blanket looks pretty cool, what sort of needle felting have you done, cheers from New Zealand, Marie

  2. That looks so lovely and cozy and colorful. Perfect for tea and biscuits. How excited are you to have almost finished it!

  3. Hi Kelly, Thanks for popping by my blog earlier today. I'm so glad you did because now I've found yours. I'm impressed by your productivity and with little ones in tow! Love the ripple blanket too. Aoife x

  4. It's gorgeous, so colourful and looks really lovely and snuggly - I could do with one of those at the moment.

    Have a fabulous evening,

    Nina x

  5. I love your colors in the ripple! I have the hardest time coming up with colors for big projects like that!

    Also, I love the doll quilt! Your fabrics are beautiful!

  6. Yay! more lovely ripples and these sweet homely scenes have made me Smile...awww xxx