Wednesday, 3 February 2010

busy doing nothing

well not really nothing, but nothing much really, both the little ones are getting over colds & so we've generally been pottering along, getting January out the way & moving into February, i feel i've been a little fuzzy lately, for example, today i have a very strong feeling that i've forgotten to be somewhere, or do something, most strange, & i've also very frustratingly misplaced the recipe i was planning to cook for tonight's dinner (a rather delicious looking goats cheese & spinach tart) no doubt i'll have to turn the kitchen upside to look for it this afternoon, 
anyways, enough of my mutterings, i cast on for the adventures in lace KAL, which Kate has organised, & very pleased i am so far, i'm going to try & knit a pattern repeat a day (have yet to start today's though!)
I'm knitting the lace leaf shawl, in the lovely Alpaca yarn i brought way back here, the socks are also coming along nicely, although having had a change of heart, they will now be for the mister (the next ones will have to be for me) it was just lucky enough i hadn't knit too far, so i could make them a little bigger
during my other potterings, i made a trip to my nearest hobbycraft, to stock up on crafty bits for the littlies (oh how i miss woolworths), aside from the usual card & paper supplies, we came home with some of these Hama beads!
mostly because i was rather keen to give these a go myself, will let you know how i (oops i mean G) gets on!

& as a little weekend treat, we found time for one of these
there is always time for a cream tea in my book, 

right, i'm off now to search for this blinking recipe!


  1. your shawl is coming out beautiful! I'm excited to see the progress your making on it!

  2. I love the yarn you choose for the shawl! A pattern repeat a day sounds very reasonable, you'll be done in no time!

    I love those beads! They look like the kind where you make designs on plastic peg discs and then melt them together with an iron, right? I have good memories whenever I smell melty plastic! :)

  3. That alpaca yarn is gorgeous and I like the lace leaf pattern. I'm trying to do a repeat a day, too, but it's getting more and more challenging.

  4. I'm always having days like those!!

    Hama beads are the best, but then I like the melting of them the best and watching them all fuse together.

    Have fun,

    Nina x