Friday, 5 February 2010

a little smug

well i did find my recipe, having spent a lot of time going through all the recipes i cut out from magazines, or get from waitrose (it was from a favourite cook book of mine - how did i forget that, my memory really is not what it used to be)

but i have been crafting, i finished a rows worth of middle circles for my granny blanket, so now i just need to do the final round & join as i go, i started another commissioned sewing project i've been asked to do, another little named bag, which i hoping to get finished today, 
G & i had fun with the Hama beads, & i'm looking forward to making some more with them (having just found out they do glow in the dark & glitter beads)
i've also been keeping up with my one pattern repeat on my lace scarf & i fitted in a little knitting on the socks, i also cooked the kids some homemade mackerel fish-cakes for their tea & they both gobbled them up - hooray, so i felt rather smug yesterday - lets see if today turns out quite so well!

1 comment:

  1. You sound really busy.
    I congratulate you on getting the kids to eat fish cakes, its very satisfying when they gobble their tea up.
    Any news on the fabric from the states. My package finally turned up from Thailand the other day, I was beginning to think it had found a home elsewhere. Have a good weekend