Monday, 8 February 2010

the lost weekend

after having had such a productive few days at the end of last week, the weekend was somewhat of a washout as far as craft related progress goes! (it of course was not helped by the fact i had a few too many glasses of red wine at our local pre-school fund-raising quiz night)

we did get out on Saturday, in between a trip to the carpet shop to look at samples & a house viewing (yes we are on the brink of embarking on the nightmare that is moving), we managed to pop into here for a cupcake,
you'll have to excuse the terrible lighting, as we got a spot in front of the fire in the 'snug' out back, it really is a lovely 'cupcakery', where all the cup cakes are named with the most fabulous of names, big G picked the 'dolly parton' & i went for the margot fontaine,
complete with vintage crockery & granny blankets
anyhoo, back to what i did get made last week, i finished the bag i had been commissioned to make for a birthday present & was really pleased with how this turned out
only despite no matter how many times i pressed it, it still looked creased! i just hope the little lady likes it.
i was on such a roll, that i made one up for a friend of G's, for her birthday next week, just have to come up with something to pop in it now.
whilst i was getting on with this, little O had a grand old time playing with this little lot, luckily she is happy just pottering, & kept herself very busy
wrapping up each wooden letter in turn & then feeding them to me!

i have been very slow on the knitting front & have barely managed to knit more than a few rounds on the socks, still looks like there is going to be more snow on the way, so snuggling up & doing some knitting sounds just perfect.


  1. 'Oh' I'm sure the little lady will love it - it's adorable.

    Have a lovely evening,

    Nina xxxx

  2. Those cupcakes are really beautiful! And I love the bag! I'm sure it will be a hit!

  3. Beautiful bags, you fabric artists are amazing... I get so muddled when I am trying to sew...

    That cupcakery looks wonderful, we don't have anything that fabulous around here...

    x Alex

  4. Moving is so stressful. After the last time I moved I swore I would hire movers the next time.

    Your bags are adorable. And the cupcakes look scrumptious.

  5. That bag is Gorgeous! :o)