Sunday, 28 February 2010

almost a washout of a week

i will be rather pleased to leave February behind & welcome in March tomorrow, weather wise this week has been such a washout too, a little more sunshine would be much appreciated!

still i did have a little good news to brighten my week, i won a giveaway over on saltwater kids blog (as part of 'the boy' month which dana & rae have been hosting) the goodies arrived on Saturday!
the most fantastically made reusable 'snack pack' set, which will be just perfect for big G to use for his daily school packed lunch, 

it's just so sweet! 

having still avoided taking my lace knitting out it's bag, i set about casting on for some much needed mindless knitting, you know, the easy kind you can pick up & put down, & pretty much on with, with your eyes closed! 
the result - a very quick, warm & cosy hat, i made the pattern up as i knit, & used up some of the yarn from my stash (colinette one zero in dusk) i've still not felt ready to attempt the lace right now, so have been grannying along when i find the time! (& nearly completed the 3rd row)


  1. Hi Kelly - I always say the best bit about february is the fact that it's so short! Thanks for your comment. The new Rachel Allen book is (I think) as good as Bake. I had my nose in it last night, choosing some recipes for when we next have friends over.I would definitely recommend adding it to your collection.xx

  2. Don't you just love quick knits? I'm in the same situation as you- avoiding lace! I love the hat- it looks so cozy!

  3. Congrats on the win and I love your hat... lovely colours and so snug!

    x Alex

  4. Well done on the giveaway!

    The sun is shining here today and the washing is out!!

    Have a wonderful week,

    Nina xxxx