Monday, 15 February 2010

the bad wife

i hope you all had a lovely valentines day, having had the best of intentions to get the socks finished for my man, it didn't happen, the first reason being that i decided to make a last minute present for another (little) man, whose naming ceremony we were attending on Saturday, i made him up a lovely little drawstring bag, with his name on it, (forgetting to take a picture of said bag!), i then felt i needed something to put in this lovely little bag, so i crocheted up a quick pair of booties, using this pattern,
i've no idea what the yarn was, (i think it came free with a knitting magazine ages ago), 
i then planned to spend the journey to the naming ceremony knitting up the socks, unfortunately i didn't get very far with them.
but my sweet man didn't seem too upset by merely getting the promise of a soon to be finished pair of socks as his valentines gift, in fact so sweet was he, that i even got away with not only finishing my wonderland quilt top, but i also making the binding & piecing the back for it on valentines afternoon, whilst he kept the little folks entertained, i should get some pictures taken today (if the light gets better).

i was also so fed up of waiting for the fabric i ordered from etsy, which is now unlikely to ever arrive, that i ordered myself a little fabric fix from here, which promptly arrived to cheer me up, 
some lovely Alexander Henry 2D zoo in the blue colour way
& some prints charming fabric i'd wanted for an age! something bright to cheer up these damp, dull & rainy days of February!


  1. oooh - what are you going to make? That fabric is just fabulous!xx

  2. Very cute!

    I finished my blanket, pop on over to see!


  3. Kelly, I love that fabric. With my whole heart, I swear! I found it a while back while surfing etsy, and I fell in love with it instantly! I can't wait to see what you make!

  4. Love the booties, they are so cute.
    And I love the idea of you sat in the car on the journey knitting!!
    Enjoy the holiday

  5. The fabric is gorgeous Kelly and I love the prints - a definite fix.

    Nina x

  6. Great fabric! Reminds me of the pantsuits my mom used to sew for me when I was a kid. Love those colors.

    I like your crocheted booties. I'm getting read to knit some up for my friend's new grandson.

  7. Fabulous makes and buys... I love the fabric and I am sorry the other fabric still hasn't arrived.. don't you just hate it when that happens... have you contacted the seller?

    can't wait to see more pictures

  8. That fabric is amazing! I can't wait to see what you make out of it.

  9. Ooh, lovely fabric! I'm always so tempted by fabric even if I don't have plans for it - it's a wonder anything ever gets into my shop!

    Thanks for visiting my blog - I like people who leave comments :-)

    Pop in again when you have time and want a little Japan fix!