Monday, 22 February 2010

we spent a lovely weekend with my family, & a day trip into Brighton (including a visit to the sea life centre), despite the cold we ate our lunch on the beach, 
i have such a soft spot for Brighton, it holds so many many memories for me, 
but sadly i will be back there tomorrow for my grandma's funeral, trying not to dwell on the sadness but remembering the happier times (she was 94!), 

i also made the most of the time i had whilst the little ones were getting to play with their grandparents, & i got the socks finished, (about time you might say)
& i have to say my man seems very happy with them (well who wouldn't be)
details of socks can be found here if you're interested, i haven't dared  look at the lace scarf yet, & shall be busy baking this afternoon, & making this for tea with the little folk, then i may just sit under the wonderland quilt whilst i work on the binding, back soon


  1. I'm so sorry about your grandmother. My condolences to you and your family.

    The socks look great.

  2. Love the socks, the colours are lovely.
    So sorry to hear of your loss, hope all goes well tomorrow.

  3. I proposed to Mr P on Brighton beach... I had him pinned down so that he couldn't run away! lol

    I love hte colours of those socks... what a very lucky Mr Handmade you have...

    Condolences for you loss... rmembering the good times is what she would have wanted..

    big hugs

  4. So sorry about your grandmother. Losing loved ones is so hard, but it sounds as though you have a good attitude.

    Love the socks- those colors are wonderful!

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother - despite a grand age it is always a sad thing to loose somebody.

    take care,

    Nina xx

    ps. love the socks!

  6. oh sweetie, i a sorry to hear you have lost your grandma, having recently lost my lovely nan at 97 i fully sympathise. there was something very secial about that generation.

    i do like the socks, very much - the colours are wonderful!

    warmest hugs xxx