Wednesday, 10 February 2010

nothing new

still rather lacking on the creative front, (as i have been trying to get the socks finished in time to be gifted on Sunday) both heels have been done, so over half way there.

however today, in-between the snow showers & sunshine, working at pre-school this morning & school runs & swimming lessons this afternoon, i just about found the time to take a few pictures of the second row i've added to the granny a day blanket, just so i could share them with you,
& now i've added it, it's made me want to keep going, ooh i'm really loving this little wip,
sometimes as i finish a square, i worry that the colour combination is not quite right, but then once they're all together, i'm reassured by their loveliness & just want to make more!


  1. Lovely crochet!!
    Vivienne :)

  2. Oh I really want to finish my blanket now-then I want to do one inspired by yours! One with bright colours and white!

  3. The colors you choose for each square are so perfect! I love the colors! You are doing such a great job at making it all work together!

  4. the colours are beautiful... and I really must crack on and get some more squares done... trouble is I am now doing 2 blankets... in for a penny, in for a pound... lol

    x Alex

  5. Oh I love your crochet and the colours are lovely !

  6. 'Oh' and they are so very lovely - the colours go together a treat.

  7. I wish I'd been braver with my colour choices.
    It's going to be very cheery!

  8. Thats going to be the perfect blanket to cuddle with in the winter. I'm also really envious of your cupcakery, I really want one in my neighborhood now.

  9. Oh gosh I looove your colour choices! They're so bright and happy :D