Wednesday, 3 March 2010

tea for two

i have to say how much happier i've been feeling, & just from a few days of sunshine, i can cope with the cold, but the endless rain was so depressing, 

i have also been making, which always puts me in good mood, sometimes when an idea strikes you, you have no choice but to just do it, over the weekend we sorted out little O's bedroom (as she had been previously sharing it with a ton of other stuff) having made more room, we were able to set up her little table & chairs, i had a sudden urge to make some place mats for her, now i'm most certain that this is not an original idea, & i'm sure i've seen many similar out there, i just couldn't think of where,

so i just made it up as i went along, using some fabric scraps for the cutlery, 
some white fabric i had left from the wonderland quilt, i even zigzag stitched together some odd scraps of wadding to go inside them,
then used an old shirt for the backing, 
i love quick little projects like this, & i think they have gone down very well with little O, no time was wasted setting up for a little tea party, to which big dog & little Ted were invited,
i'll be back soon to share another little knitting project i've started! but right now i'm late for a very important little tea party!


  1. How cute, I love those place mats! And yes I know what you mean about the weather, I feel like a different person when the sun's shining.

  2. Lovely photos, the place mats are great!

  3. I love the place mats! So so cute. I would even consider having a pair at my own grown up table- the idea is really sweet! It brings back memories of playing house when I was a kid.

  4. A lovely little project which I'm sure will bring hours of fun.

    Nina x

  5. The placemats are gorgeous! What a lucky little girl to have a creative Mum. I love the cake as well!
    Here in Australia we are having no luck with the weather - where I am we are longing for rain, but in other parts such as the red centre where it is usually dry, they are having torrential rain! Can't win!
    Bear Hugs,

  6. Thats so adorable! I second Kate in that I wouldn't mind having a pair of those at my own table...if I was with it enough to have things like place mats... or cloth napkins... We are having our own sun right now though I'm sure we will pay for it later...yay for sun though!

  7. Those place mats are very, very cute! Little O is a lucky little girl. I hope you get lots more sun and an end to the rain.

  8. i love the place mats! you are so clever. the little tea table is really sweet and big dog is adorable :o)
    hoping for lots more sunshine xxx