Tuesday, 6 April 2010

easter weekend

we had a lovely Easter weekend round our way, i made the tastiest chocolate tart (really so very tasty)
we 'day-tripped' to Arundel, where the sun shone & the little ones stretched their legs, 
(i also took a break from the weekend diet of chocolate to enjoy a cream tea, )
not much sewing getting done, as i've been waiting on some fabric to back the baby quilt i have in progress, but a little knitting is under way, i've been stalking  kemps website, as they've had so much regia sock yarn coming up at such great prices! i've got a pair of socks on the go for me (& some more yarn on the way) i will share pictures once the camera is recharged, i've also picked up my brompton cardigan after such a long time, one sleeve down, one to go!

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