Saturday, 3 April 2010

the easter bunny

well i just couldn't resist making up a little easter bunny, i really should have made another one, as i'm sure the two little one's will argue over who gets this one, but i'm kind of hoping that the chocolate this little bunny brings with her will distract them enough!
pattern details are here, i even made a few carrots for the bunny using this sweet little tutorial, i have a few more cut out & sewn, waiting to be stuffed & finished off, as i thought they'd be rather cute for the children to have for their play kitchen! as little O shares her cot with three bunnies already (she's rather fond of them) & they often get invited along for a tea party,
i also treated myself to an easter present, some lovely fabric from the quilt room
this gorgeous reproduction 30's fabric colour wheel, which is 20, 10'' squares of absolute sweetness! & far better for me than chocolate!
i plan on using this to make a simple nine patch quilt, with some white fabric, just to make those lovely prints really stand out, 

*wishing you all a happy & relaxing Easter - just don't eat too much chocolate!*


  1. The bunny is cute, as for the carrots there great!
    I rather like your "Easter" present wish I hadn't seen it as I'm quite tempted to wander over to the quilt room and have a look.
    On-line shopping can be dangerous!
    Hope you have a great day tomorrow
    Jenny xx

  2. that is very sweet- I really wish I could crochet! Tried to teach myself for the umpteenth time last week, but it just isn't happening!

  3. Happy Easter to you too, The Easter Bunny is cute!

  4. Happy Easter to you!
    Love the fabric, I must check out that website!
    Clare x

  5. Happy Easter - love the fabric and carrotts!xx

  6. a very pretty post :o)
    the bunny and the little carrots are delightful!

    hugs xxx


  7. I made one of those bunnies for my daughter a while ago - she's got 3 dresses now!!