Wednesday, 14 April 2010

getting a little sick of sick

what a week, we took a family trip over to Italy, but about half an hour before leaving for the airport last week the sick bug struck little O, we went on our merry way, convinced at first it would only be a 24 hour bug, but that little bug had other ideas & my poor little O was sick every day of our holiday, it only stopped the day we flew home! so whilst i should have lots of lovely photos & tales of what we have been up to, i have very little to report, as little O has been a little limpet for the last 6 days & i barely left the house, 
luckily my in laws came with us (& we were staying at my folks place) so with two sets of grandparents around to help, at least i didn't have to worry about anything other than taking care of her & at least they got to go out & enjoy the lake a little, 
this also meant i have spent 6 days with absolutely no crafting, thinking life would start to get back to normal now we are home, i was rather disheartened to find myself looking after big G, who went down with the bug this morning! not much fun i tell you, 

so i will just have to share some pics of yarn i recently acquired from kemps
some of this Rowan bamboo tape, for which i have a little project in mind (also providing the first of my stash destined to become a Christmas present, see how organised i am, hehe)
next up some more sock yarn (i just can't enough)
oops & some more sock yarn, i've started on this one already & am almost halfway through a pair for myself, 
i'm just hoping i will be able to get on with them soon, as i'm really suffering from knitting withdrawal!


  1. ick, all that sickness does not sound good :( Hope you all feel better. So jealous of your trip to italy

  2. Your photos are beautiful! So sorry the little one was sick during the trip! I'm glad all is well now!

  3. That sick bug!! We suffered before Easter and it just seem to rip the life out of us all for about a week. Glad you managed to get away though.

    Sorry it's a bit late, but Happy (belated) Easter - Arundel is gorgeous isn't it.

    Nina xxx

  4. Ah what a shame for you all, we got a sickness bug just before Easter, it's a shocker! So I hope the rest of you manage to stay well. Italy looks wonderful and so does the bamboo tape, such a lovely colour.
    Take care xx

  5. Ooohhh, the sick bug - my #2 had it - projectile vomiting on his birthday the poor soul. Hope everyone better now. You look like you are getting some lovely weather at the moment.