Saturday, 17 April 2010

wittering beach

in an attempt to make up for the holiday which wasn't really a holiday for me (& little O) we packed up the car early & set off for west wittering beach to make the most of the sunshine, i love getting there early to make the most of the beach before it gets too busy, 
the little ones made the most of the beach too, little O was able to try out (another) new skirt i'd made her (sewn up rather quickly during her nap on friday)
it's a little on the long side, but i'm hoping that way it will last a few more summers, as it's got a simple elastic waist,
& i enjoyed a little knitting,  whilst they were enjoying the sand
(it was the first outing of the year for the pond play mat too & tomorrow will hopefully bring the first car boot sale of the year too!)


  1. Wonderful beach pictures :)

  2. I love little O's skirt- should last her for quite a while. We're car-booting tomorrow too!

  3. I just found your blog and I've had a lovely snoop around! Looks like you had a great day today - isn't it fantastic to be out in the sun, can't wait to get to a beach myself.

  4. Love your pictures and its the best time too be on the beach like you say, avoid the crouds. Its good too see someone else likes too take there knitting, my partner always laughs at me about it. Julie.C

  5. I love West Wittering though haven't been for donkeys years.

    It was my parents favourite bit of coast to day trip to in the Summer and was a yearly event.

    That and Hayling Island!

    Enjoy the booty,

    Nina x