Tuesday, 4 December 2012

the seagulls scarf

go seagulls
happy hubs
now he's all set for the match, {well was! this was finished in time for the end of november} everyone's happy  {i am mostly as i don't have to knit with that acrylic yarn anymore} the pattern was based on this one, i just changed how many i cast on & used the two colours {& smaller needles for a tight & neat knit!} the yarn was his choice {send a man into a wool shop & this is what he came out with} i can't even tell you what it was! but trust me it was a cheap 'value' acrylic, you can see my rather limited notes over here
the little one has been rather poorly with a tummy bug over the weekend, so we are home today getting better {pretty much there but it's nice to have another quiet home day} so i'm getting to do a fair bit of pottering which i always love

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