Friday, 21 December 2012

52 weeks of happy

yum yum
finished knitted gifts
teachers gifts
the shortest day
1. making the most of todays peace, i found time in the middle of all the washing, wrapping, decorating, last minute knitting, to take a breather & put my feet up - it was lovely!
2. i finished of the last of the knitted gifts, phew! 
3. teachers gifts have been gifted, school has broken up - hoorah, no packed lunches or school run for two weeks
3. we're tucked up safe at home, candles are lit, dinner is in the oven, i can take a deep breath & enjoy it all


  1. No packed lunches is bliss isn't it? I spy the same Orla dress as me :) x

  2. Wishing you and your lovely family a magical Christmas time filled with peace, love and happiness
    love jooles x
    P.S those little puds are so cute!